instance items

  1. Devildimos

    Patch for Dismantle Item and Instance Items. [RPG VXA]

    Hallo Everyone! Now I recently decided to add Dismantle Items by Mr. Bubble knowing that I will have an issue with Instance Items by hime. Mr' Bubble Dismantle Items Hime Instance Items The issue might be a big challenge because of hime's Instance Items giving all items it's own ID. As...
  2. Mawichan

    FA Interactive Tools don't work.

    Hello, I'm using Falcao's FA Interactive System. The Push/Pick Up/Fall/Jump/Vision Range are working just fine. However, none of the tools work when pressing the action key. No error messages or things like that, the items just don't anything when equipped. I found that among the other scripts...
  3. Lonelywraith

    Instance Items patch for TheoAllen's Limited Inventory script

    So TheoAllen's Limited Inventory script seems to not be compatible with Tsukihime's Instance Items and none of them have made a patch so both of them can properly work together. What's the problem here? Easy to explain, maybe not so easy to fix (and a lot less by a total stranger to scripting...
  4. wrigty12

    Equipment Sets for Instance Items?

    I am currently using Tsukihime's Custom DataManager, along with the Custom DM add-on by Eshra to make each weapon and armor a Unique entity in a Custom Database (links below). I also wish to have Equipment Sets to grant boosts for certain equipment sets, and I currently put in Emerald's...
  5. Selchar

    Item Charges

    Item Charges Selchar Introduction This script allows for giving items multiple uses before they are consumed. It is to be used alongside Tsukihime's Instance Items. Features - Adds Item Charges - Items can transform into other items when their charge reaches 0 - Items can be preserved with 0...
  6. Tsukihime

    Instance Items

    This script introduces the concept of “instance items”. In order to understand what an instance item is, you need to first understand what a “template item” is. All of your database items, weapons, and armors are called “template items”. That is, they serve as templates for in-game items...

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