1. Sigony

    [Desktop] Copy/Delete Maps In-Game - Sigony's Map Additions

    Sigony's Map Additions by Sigony version 1.1 Introduction This RMMV plugin allows you to copy and delete maps using plugin commands, meaning this can happen in-game. This has some powerful possibilities for those with imagination. Important This plugin manipulates your project's files and...
  2. Avanoh

    Isolated Day/Night Cycles

    I’ve seen YouTube videos on how to make a clock and day/night cycles that follow that clock cycle, but I haven’t seen anything with isolated day and night cycles. When I say isolated, I mean in specific areas where it’s always day or night regardless of the time of day or where it’s always the...
  3. ロリ先輩

    Adding database contents to save

    How non-trivial would it be to add data from the database into the save file, and then load it from there instead of going to the database instead, when restoring from the save? I'm looking into such functionality to handle creating instances of items, as to allow for new instances of an item to...
  4. Instance registration - Object pools with marshal loaded data?

    Edit:  Forgot to include [Ace] in the headline I'm trying to get a simple module working that will register instances of classes that include the module. I'm doing this because I hate overwriting DataManager#load_database for every script that does stuff in Marshal loaded classes. This was...
  5. Milena

    RGSS3 - Creating an Instance of a Class

    I am interested to know how to create an instance of my own class. I noticed how $game_actors, $game_party, $game_troop and $game_map exist and I am very interested how good this feature would be if it would be applicable on my class. For example I have a class: class RubySampler attr_accessor...
  6. Selchar

    Random Equip Affixes

    Random Equip Affixes Selchar Introduction This is an addon to Tsukihime's Instance Items, and Item Affixes script. It allows you to give equips affixes when you obtain them in certain scenes of your choice. Features - Give equips affixes from a random pool of your choice, set by simple...
  7. Selchar

    Equip Evolve by Exp

    Equip Evolve by Exp Selchar   Introduction This script is similar to a leveling equipment script, where your equips can gain exp and go stronger.  Instead of increasing stats however, it transforms the item into a different one entirely.   Features - Change an equip into an entirely different...
  8. Selchar

    Equipment Level Base

    Equipment Level Base Ver. 1.05 Selchar     Introduction This script adds the necessary methods for leveling.  It doesn't do anything on it's own, but other scripts such as the examples can take advantage of it.  I have supplied exp leveling for equips, as well as a basic scene for upgrading...
  9. Selchar

    Equipment Durability

    Equipment Durability Ver. 1.06 Selchar Introduction This script allows for giving weapons and armor durability, and either destroying or just unequiping them when that durability reaches 0. Features - Adds Weapon durabilty, reduced with each successful attack/skill - Adds Armor durabilty...
  10. Selchar

    Equip Stat Variance

    Equip Stat Variance Selchar Introduction This script allows for giving equipment slightly randomized stats. Features - Randomized stats on select equipment How to Use Place the script below ▼ Materials, below Tsukihime's Instance Items, but above ▼ Main Process. Use the provided notetag to...

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