1. KayZaman

    Traditional manual book game or in-game tutorial?

    Back in the 90', I have a NES and I played Contra, Mario, Galaga, etc. But unfortunately, I don't understand how to play the games coz' there are no tutorials. I played Tetris but I didn't know what's the goal of the game. Until I saw my mom played the game for long without 'Game Over' pop out...
  2. HalcyonDaze

    In-Game Manual

    The only plugin I've been able to find for this is broken in more recent versions of MV and the author has been MIA for over a year and most likely never coming back: Does anyone know of any closely similar plugins with...
  3. Impstar

    Quest System Troubles in CSCA Script

    I find myself with a somewhat embarrassing problem.  I'm an extremely new user with very little experience even with pre-made scripts.  I've been trying to use a CSCA script for creating a quest system.  It seems very promising, and I've even got the quest menu to appear in the menu (via a...

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