1. Generator Parts Musical Resources

    Hello, everyone I just wanna know if any of you know if there are "Musical Generator Parts" anywhere. I'll explain: I'm serching for something like a lute, a flute, a guitar, musical instruments in general, which I can use to put in the back of my characters for example. Have anyone ever done this?
  2. HexMozart88

    Instruments you Play/Want to Play

    I have a music course this semester, and it's made me a little more enthusiastic towards music as a whole again. So, I thought I'd ask what instruments you guys play and/or want to play. Feel free to share some clips of your playing as well. :kaojoy: I'll go first. I've played the piano for a...
  3. The Working Man

    Musical instrument sprites

    Hi! I'm making a stage in one of my pubs and I was wondering if anyone has made or can make the following: A drum kit Some guitars on stands Speakers/amps A saxophone on a stand Some microphones on stands Monitors Cheers! I'm using MV btw :)

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