intel xdk

  1. Levi Hilton

    All of my Apps work fine on IOS, but I can't get an APK what am I doing wrong???

    I have been working on this for weeks, and I have read some threads on here, but I still have a problem. I can get an apk file using the manual method, but then it asks me to install a crosswalk companion app in order for it to work. After downloading it, my game works fine. But how do I make it...
  2. Lee Sang

    No audio playing on Android

    Hello. I'll go straight to my issue. I exported my game to Android from MV and packed it to APK with Intel XDK (the manual method caused lag and really unstable). The game runs really smoothly on my device but it has no sound. I think it's an issue caused by the new update of Intel XDK, but I...
  3. Lakaroth

    Intel XDK iOS error in test (SOLVED)

    Hello there, i have a problem, with Intel XDK here my step: From RMMV: Export Android/iOS Intel XDK: New HTML5+Cordova Project Oper project root delete "WWW" default folder and past my RMMV Output "WWW" folder Emulation OK Test with Intel XDK App Preview on Iphone 5S Push File on...
  4. Android not working

    Hi, this is my first post so I duno where to ask it.  After not receiving answer from the support team I finally managed to set my resources to a optimal size in order to publish into google play. Yet, when I install my apk (created with intel xdk, using cordova+HTML5, as shown on the...
  5. Faytless

    *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    RPG Maker MV Tech Demo/Benchmark with XDK Released on Google Play store Please read the description of the application Update 10/25/2015 12:15AM You can now download the tech demo by looking up my name on the...

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