1. Dalph

    Let's share our PC specs!

    I dislike long and useless introductions so I'll go straight to the point. What are your computer specs? What do you have there? Intel or maybe AMD? Let's share and discuss about them too (if you guys are up for it). Here's my new piece of junk, I got it one month ago because my old AMD...

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I haven't done much for composing over the last while, but I'm now back to work and I'm focusing on my music pack, Symphony Celestia: Prophecy of the Falling Stars, a music pack that describes an emotional story about a young heroine named Alisa and her journey to try and prevent a calamity.

Respect for MogHunter.

With him/her,our Project are Success in many Aspect like Animations,Gameplay,Battle System,more.
Now,it's really empty without him/her.

We have to wait Patiently about the Reason,Why he/she do it.
Raptor Revolt Demo 4_19_2021 11_13_22 PM.png

Custom tileset and mapping work continues for the beaches of RAPTOR REVOLT! Completely revamped sandstone cliffside tiles, now with 100% more d i t h e r i n g. Plus, stairs!
Sorry for the short absence. Hospital tests out the wazoo. although I just end up disheartened when my insurance won't cover what I need. I wish I lived somewhere where the country care about chronic illness patients.

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