1. fm2107

    RMMZ intellisense and linting

    hi, new kid on the block here in terms of plugin developer. i was wondering what everyone is doing for solid intellisense and linting for their projects in vscode. its realy annoying not having either in mz project setup. thanks
  2. LunaTechsDev

    LunaSense - RPGMakerMV/MZ Intellisense

    Hello all, it's Wednesday again; this is Kino(EISKino) from the LunaTechs team. Today, we're bringing to you RPGMakerMV/MZ IntelliSense for use within your project whether you're making plugins or just doing edits to one, this will come in handy. The instructions are similar to the ones we...
  3. rechronicle

    VS Community IDE?

    Is there any way to use or set RPG Maker MV IDE with VS Community? I'm only found VS Code integration so far. Thanks!
  4. Kino

    VSCode RPGMakerMV Intellisense [UPDATE - Sublime & Atom Support!]

    RPGMakerMV Intellisense These two files add intellisense to your RPGMakerMV code base when working with plugins, the base code, etc in Visual Studio Code. You can see every class available in the code base and the methods attached to them. Furthermore, you can even see the outputs of methods...

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