1. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Time Hit v1.0

    What is this about? Someone comissioned a customable "Time Hit" system (if that's what it's called) from me using eventing and pictures. So I made him one. Requirement Adept knowledge of how script call works in event. Basic knowledge of mathematic formula. Understanding how to create...
  2. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Temporary Bar v1.1

    What is this about? One of my experiment that allow smooth drawing of temporary bar via eventing. Modified to be user friendly and easy to study. Including interaction mode as the extra. * Please pardon the video... I'm suck at video editing and gave up half way. Requirement Adept knowledge...
  3. Damaris

    [RMMV] (Twitch Integration) Seeking User Input Solution (and general advice).

    So for a bit of fun I've been working on integrating an RMMV project into my twitch stream. I'm not too experienced with Javascript and my RMMV knowledge is a little rusty - so I thought I'd turn here for an assist. It's a pretty simple setup so far but it's borderline functional - The issue...
  4. Finmide

    RMMV Event that interacts with terrax lighting system?

    I am trying to make a story driven game with elements of horror, and the main monster I want it to chase after you when you are in the darkness but I want it to not go into well lit spots on the maps. I am using Terrax dynamic lighting system and I am curious if anyone had an idea how to make...
  5. NinjaKittyProductions

    RMMV A game without speech

    Although the title says RMMV, this topic could easily be available to most rpg makers. I have been reading a few webtoons as of late and one in particular has caught my attention. In the webtoon, no one ever speaks. The main character, the side characters... absolutely no one. Now there are...
  6. Main character cross-save file interaction?

    So what I want to do with my game is have two of the main characters meet near the end of the game. The catch is that I want the main character that the player meets to have the same moveset + items as they had the last time the player beat the game with that character. So for example: The...
  7. Avanoh

    Overworld Events Relative to Status Effects(RMMV)

    Is there a simple way to make it so characters or objects in the game world react differently based on status effects? For example, if I made a status effect called vampirism, is there a way to make it so interacting with NPCs makes them react with fear rather than their normal response? Or if I...
  8. TruBeast

    Educational RPG - NPC that that changes based on PC level or abilities

    Hey all, first of all I'm REALLY new both RPG Maker and this forum (first post - yay!!), so sorry in advance if I do not use correct terminology or post structures :). I'm currently working on my 1st RPG designed to help my kids to assist them in areas they are struggling in a way that's in...
  9. Help with character movement

    Hey! I'm very new to RPG Maker and have encountered a problem that I just can't get through. I'm sure the answer is very simple, but pretty much there is a character sitting at a dinner table, facing the table. When the player interacts with them I want the character to turn and face the player...
  10. plubic_void21

    How to achieve Pseudo-Interactive Pictures events?

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this, any and all feedback and help is much appreciated. My post as the name states is about trying to achieve a pseudo-interactive event around pictures. In less crazy person terms, That means using controlling the camera when displaying images. For...
  11. Ellie Jane

    RMMV Open-World RPG

    I am trying to flesh out a new project. My previous games have all been MMORPGs - in fact, the one I am working on was meant to be an MMORPG. Having set up the system and got it working, I realise that all this time I've never actually been making a game, I've just been faffing around with...
  12. rechronicle

    How to check/assign the event interaction?

    Hello, I want to make an interaction between player action and event in range. Description of the image: If sword equipped and you press R in a certain range to the event, it will slide the boulder to the right. If spear equipped and you press R in a certain range to the event, it will crush...
  13. Runako

    Advance Interaction Plugin (Pictures included)

    :kaohi: I am working on a game that makes a huge emphasis on interactions with NPCs. In my game, players will talk with NPCs for various reasons: to assemble them into their party, for healing, for stat increase, convert. For sake of distinction there are two different types of NPCs: Enemy...
  14. Rikifive

    Movie Using Images?

    So... How stupid that would be? As everybody knows, Ace's Movie player lacks of many simple functions, so my question is - Would that be stupid if I'd break a video into frames and then use magic of scripting to run through frames manually? Would the 'framed' version weight much more...
  15. Tyra Wadman

    "Invisible Character" problem

    :(  So far in my practice game I've run into one main problem (With a few others on the side).  For a cut scene I have the main player walk into a tavern. The bartender acknowledges them and asks the Player to have a seat.  The cut scene ends and the character can walk around and interact with...
  16. Sel Feena

    Training Cutscenes

  17. rtester


    the game link is dead would anyone have a copy off it so i can play it?

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