1. Carillon-Nightmares

    RMVXA Otherland, a Visual Novel (Ep. 0 Demo)

    Otherland is an interactive visual novel made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It is a whimsical horror based on Alice in Wonderland (book) and inspired by other horror titles like Little Nightmares, Fran Bow, Ib, and Pocket Mirror, while still having its own personal charm. It tells a story about how...
  2. Sausage_Boi

    How would you feel about an adventure game with very little story if you only follow linear path?

    How would you feel if you played an adventure game that had a midsize world, lots of NPCs, a fair amount of interactive environmental objects, and most of the back story being told through items you find in the world, the lore that people tell you, and the story bits you find off path? Imagine...
  3. Zyvril

    Making MOG's Chain Command not random.

    MOG's chain command plugin is fantastic, but I was wondering if there was a way to manipulate the inputs that it decides or even make combos that will always happen instead of it's default random inputs. Plugin:
  4. QuinncyCrow

    RMMV: Idea for some interactivity in combat, thoughts?

    Hello friends from across the community, I have an idea, and I'd like to hear your thoughts. I'm working on a RMMV project that is going to be pretty deeply story-driven, but I also want to include an interesting combat system because I expect the game to be decently long. As much as I enjoy...
  5. Sarlecc

    How Interactive do you like NPC's

    So I am wondering how interactive do you like NPC's to be? Do you like them to be able to respond to everything a player does (i.e insane)? Perhaps you like them to interact only to certain things (i.e half and half). Or maybe you just like your NPC's to just kinda be there (i.e dull). What...
  6. Seior - A RGP Fantasy / Sci-Fi.

    Hi, My company name is Neve Games Inc. ( There is nothing on the website yet! :) I have a concept for a RPG fantasy / sci-fi game which I am going to build using RPG Maker VX Ace. As part of the business, I would like to present to you a short questionnaire which you can fill...
  7. Zahuranecs

    Obsidian Dreams Beta 0.2

    I have recently started working on an adventure game called Obsidian Dreams using the RPGMaker engine, and have decided to release the game as an open beta.        The idea behind Obsidian Dreams is that the player plays the role of a boy (whose default name is Lance) who must traverse...
  8. Arlic von Vaelli

    Epoch de Valeria: Transcendent Wings! [Version 1.3i] [Soundtrack Demo Available!]

    ~Current Version: Indev 1.3.6~ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Plot About Valerion Zahe Kuroi: Gerard Dominaga: Sylphie Belmonte: Trefoille Alcinda: King Darius Kuroi II Marcus McDowell...

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