1. tale

    Public Domain - 10 Pixel Fonts Pack

    Each font has it's own style. It might be suitable depending on the project's theme. The zip includes 10 bitmap (pixel) fonts (.ttf) that I picked out at pentacom. Also a .txt file called "permalinks" as reference of where the fonts originated from. Preview Download link-...
  2. tale

    Trb - TextColor (Hex Color Code)

    TextColor - Version 1.00 Creator name: Trb Overview A plugin that allows text color to be selected from Hex Color Code. Features - It allows you to define the color code with #000000~#ffffff by using the control character \c[ ] - For more detail, please search "color hex code" online...
  3. tale

    "New" Item Indication (without image)

    "New" Item Indication (without image) Ver 0.01 2014/11/05 Creator name: Mikagami Atelier | English translation: tale 2017/03/27 Introduction Displays "New" on the item icon when it's obtained for 2 minutes. Features - Number of minutes how long "New" stays can be adjusted in the script. -...
  4. Set game draw image for default in battle (Script)

    Welcome, I was not sure how to tell you this better, or how I want to tell you this but, I would like the game to automatically default to do something whenever there is fighting. I have been a problem exists in this matter, which I have tried to solve...
  5. jezebelthenun

    Click and Drag Event Reordering

    Description of the Feature: The ability to click on and drag components within an event to reorder them rather than copy/paste and deleting. A "back" option to revert to the last configuration before the change Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: It just...
  6. tale

    Master Volume Control

    Volume Control+2016/04/23 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) | (English Translation by tale) Overview A script that allows you to set the volume. It can be added as an option to the title screen and/or main menu. Features You can adjust the volume (0:Mute~100:Max) ← Decrease / Increase →...
  7. Damaris

    How important is a title screen... really?

    So, I'll start by saying that user interface graphics are one of my strongest skills. I have the ability to make a mind-blowing animated title. But after some consideration, I've been thinking about removing the title screen all together - a simple a "Press X to continue/start" on a black screen...
  8. The user interface of transparency Removal?

    Welcome, I would like to ask or know how this interface can eliminate the transparency so that the background does not show through it? Just like RPG Maker VX, there is not transparency thease menu/interface system but Ace have but, i don't want that.
  9. Kevin O'Ryan

    RPG Maker MV Interface wont work..??

    I am using RPG Maker MV TRIAL, downloaded from the main site. Not sure if it's my computer or not, but I run DirectX 9 and not sure if it's something to do with my hardware or not... I can MV games and open the the software with no errors or problems. I have attached some images to show...
  10. ramza

    Locked Controls

    Good day all. I am noticing what could turn out to be a bug in the core engine, which seems to come up in any project I test play, regardless of platform (happens on android as well as windows). I have tested with a blank project and it also still happens. Issue: XInput or touch controls...
  11. Help creating a custom interface

    I'm looking to create a custom interface from an event. I'll explain the situation a bit more. I have a book that I want the player to be able to open and select from a few options that will switch variables on and off. Seems simple enough but if possible I want to have it look like its own...
  12. redspark

    Card Game Interface

    I'm considering using a card based game mechanic for combat and I have a Sci-Fi setting based around Ships and their crew.  If you like card based mechanics, do you like the combat interface to appear to be a card game (the interface looks like a table with miniatures and a card game playing on...
  13. 162

    How would you do this: diary pages

    Kinda a stupid question... A project I'm working on utilizes diaries you find around a mansion. I wanted to allow more interactivity by allowing the player to flip through the pages with arrow keys, letting them backtrack to a given page without having to go to the end without reopening it...
  14. bandkanon

    Yami's Pop Message improvements OR XP's AMS-inspired message system

    (MUFFLED SCREAMING) OK, I'm SO sorry for the confusion you guys. At first I accidentally hit ctrl+ENTER and prematurely sent the thread starter, and THEN while I was trying to rewrite the damn thing I accidentally backed out and for some reason nothing was autosaved! Not to mention editing the...
  15. CursedEmbrace

    A Problem with Messages in Battle

    Hello everyone, today I bring you a problem I've been having. In the game I am currently working on I want to have bosses (and anything else I choose I guess) that you fight have special barks and such when they are about to do, or when they do specific attacks. All that is easy enough, but I'd...
  16. Madalin Vlad

    Mr. Faux GFX shop

    My portfolio for samples: MADALINVLAD.NET   As payment fluctuates, it will be discussed with the client before and/or after the job is done.   Usual prices: Logo: 20$ GUIs: 40$ Business cards: 20$ Banner: 10$
  17. Palsa

    Manage Projects for Ace

    Ever since the workshop was launched on Steam, there has been one feature with Manage Projects that I seriously do not like, and I've been wondering if there is either a work around or if an interface update would be possible. What I'm having issues with is that all of the downloads go to the...
  18. Zane

    Show a variable in the form of a bar.

    Hey whats going on community. I have a question regarding a scripted variable bar. I understand and have scripted numerous health bars for huds using the .hp_rate etc. But I want to know is this a exception for variables? Here is how a health bar would be drawn: My question is how can I...
  19. Criazika

    Custom Menu Interface

    Hello, to make things short, I am making a Sword Art Online inspired game, and I need a menu. This is an edit so that I can make it clearer that I need a menu. Example: http://s1268.photobu...6ba90a.jpg.html Resources: (As no one...
  20. Azarael

    Slip Damage Question

    So I feel like a complete idiot for needing to ask this, but after searching the help documentation and the interface in the "states" I am stumped. I also searched the forum, but didn't find anything within the first twenty or so posts that addressed this, either. Is there a way to get slip...

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