1. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Basic Picture Selection

    This eventing tutorial works with most RPG Maker. Hello All! RPG Maker already have a powerful command series Show Pictures to call. Some people are just too lazy to make use of its full potential. I will try my best to guide you through this tutorial. What is this about? Ever like the idea of...
  2. Mewgull

    Custom Battle System script - Guidance needed

    Hello, I have not signed up for one of these forums in a while, so I will try my best to explain my situation: I am currently writing my own custom script for a battle system similar to a "Free Turn". In this system, every battler acts immediately when their turn comes around to them...
  3. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV - Fishing System / Mini Game [Intermediate]

    RPG MAKER MV FISHING EVENTS! In this tutorial and demo (provided) you will learn how to make your very own fishing mini-game and/or event for integrating a fishing node/spot into your maps. Recommended you know a little about switches, conditional branches and variables. (pst, I'll be doing a...
  4. CVincent

    CVincent's Parallax Mapping Guide

    Welcome to my parallax mapping guide! This tutorial will take you through the process of starting your first parallax map and adding it to your project as well as making simple edits to help your map look great. There's also some tips for semi-experienced users!   First I'd like to start by...
  5. Redweaver

    Tutorial Town 2

    Hello, friends, and welcome to the next Tutorial Town! In the first series (Click Here) we made a game using the default editor and had loads of fun doing it. In this new series, we're starting totally from scratch. Deleting the database, importing as many new resources as we can make use of...
  6. Tommy Gun

    How to Create Autotiles - Video Series

    Here's my 3-part series on creating autotiles! Each video has chapter links in the youtube description so you can skip around.   Part 1 covers how autotiles work (see diagram below), the differences between A1-A5, borderlines, counters, etc. Part 2 shows how to create a standard seamless tile --...
  7. Naveed

    Generate Bank Interest (with Demo!)

    So I've seen many tutorials about eventing a banking system but there are no tutorials about implementing an interest system. The player needs a good reason to want to store money in the bank. So I fiddled around with the eventing options and came up with a way to generate interest over a...
  8. Tommy Gun

    Sliding Bookcase Secret Passage - Video Tutorial

    How to make a secret passage hidden behind a bookcase! Pull out a book and the bookcases slide open to reveal the tunnel. See my signature for the video on sprite formatting if needed.  Visit for a list of scripts I use in these...
  9. gcook725

    Unlocking the Potential of Skills

    Unlocking the Potential of Skills Written by: gcook725 Introduction: "Simple enough for a child; powerful enough for a developer." So, I've decided to write this tutorial for two reasons. The first is that it is all-too-often that I find RM developers not using skills to their potential. This...
  10. Titanhex

    Thex Grapple Hook Demo

    Part of:          Thex Tutorial & Demo Systems   DEMO: Thex Grapple Hook Demo Recently my internet was off. A good whole week passed before it turned on.  In those 7 days I produced 10 tutorial games and 2 demo games that I felt would benefit the community. They show off different things you...

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