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  1. CleanWater

    HTML5 Export to (Cutting borders in canvas)

    Hello, I decided to publish my game as playable in browser on, but the borders are being cut and I don't know where to resize the canvas in RPG Maker. My html knowlegdge is a bit out of date, but it seems that the engine doesn't auto resize the canvas to show the entire game on the...
  2. kiyasu

    [TUTORIAL] How to activate RPG Maker for earlier browser versions and OS

    How to activate RPG Maker for earlier browser versions and OS (operating systems) Written by Kiyasu Oka (@kiyasu) in December 2020. NOTE: This tutorial is written and posted with consent from both @Archeia and @Wavelength. While this tutorial uses 32-bit Microsoft® Windows® XP and RPG...
  3. Paul_Reitz

    [How-To] Force M4A Audio To Prevent No .OGG File Found On Internet Browsers

    Hello all, When messing around with the potential to upload and playback on several devices I was testing my WIIU/PS4/Chrome/Firefox/IE and noticed that for Chrome and Firefox I was getting errors regarding not having the .ogg files for audio. However my Internet Explorer was able to function...

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