1. ndcomix

    $gameScreen.fadeOut(), interpreter.wait(), and others not working.

    Hi there. I am experiencing issues with certain plugin commands executing in javascript. To isolate external factors, I created a brand new game with no plugins and wrote this simple code: Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand = function(command, args) { if (command === "testFadeOut") {...
  2. setup_choices script call doesn't react to selection

    Hello, I've noticed that if you have message right before choice selection (Show choices) it will stay on the screen. But if you have something else before, the message will disappear and choice selection will be shown without any additional message. I want that message to be shown (so player...
  3. Wavelength

    Bug in Default VX Ace Code - Change Enemy HP command

    I discovered a moderately impactful bug in VX Ace's default code tonight, so I'd like to report it.  This is not user error and it's not a matter of outside scripts; however, I don't think I've updated my Ace version in a while, so I apologize for wasting your time if this bug has already been...

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This video really speaks to me...

Stream will be live shortly with a session of the interactive text adenture! Feel free to drop by!
I worked a lot more today and I am thinking about Youtube videos to make to my channel, but I am still looking for some content :D

But I am happy to be back at work :D
Update... no scam calls all day. I think they learned their lesson. And I'm working on a fake anti-piracy video, featuring a fan game I'm making in MV. If I had the permission to make the game a licensed game that I could sell (rather than having it totally free like fan games are required to be), I'd use a really cool anti-piracy screen...

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