1. tale

    Opening Crawl (scrolling text)

    Star Wars style scrolling text Creator name: Saara Terms of Use Non-commercial use: OK Commercial use: you may feel free if you're careful Redistribution: credit required Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: credit required For RPG Maker VX Ace Script set up In Customization-...
  2. Legend20

    Adding a Movie/opening scene before the title screen?

    Hello! I really want to have a movie/intro/opening scene come up after the splash screens, but before the title screen. Of course, also with the option to skip the movie. I found this plugin online through YouTube, but the movies aren't showing up and I've tried many different formats, ect...
  3. paulojunior55

    About the Trailer?

    Hi, about that little question. Can I use a small part of the rpg maker mv trailer, without sound, in the intro of a project made in rpg maker mv?
  4. Ganimate

    How can you make a video unskippable?

    Hi everyone! I have this cinematic intro video, and I want to make it unskippable, is there any way to make it so? Thank you!!!
  5. Yawgmoth

    RPG Maker MV Centering a picture on Actor Sprite while on a map?

    Hi all, I have a .png image with 225x63 dimensions. I am calling it using a plugin that activates a common event before a random encounter. I want the 225x63 image to be centered on the actor before the combat starts. I've searched the web and forums and have not found any way to do this. Any...
  6. wheatley16

    oh hi, just dragging your corpse to my closet. remember the incident?

    hi, im wheatley16. if that's a mouthful for you, just call me wh16, wait.. thats probably worse. i like game development and general coding. i've always been fascinated by dos and emulation. i've also considered making experimental music, maybe something like radiohead, or death grips if i...
  7. ShyGirlSarah

    Hello <3

    My name is Sarah and I am BRAND NEW to the RPG maker community. I really want to make my own game for fun but I also love playing RPGs so I want to see what's here. I am a female in her early twenties that loves RPGs/JRPGs. My favorite series is Kingdom Hearts, but I love Final Fantasy as well...
  8. PhxFire

    RMMV Synopsis/ Game start advice

    Alright so this post is a double to get some other opinions on game openings... My first question is what are some good ways to start a game? Right now my character wakes up, and get's right into the story. It's kinda cliche but also a tried and true method to start a game. What are your...
  9. MagiCat

    *falls in* Oh, hi there!

    Hey there! Picked up a copy of MV recently because it sounded like a fun thing to learn and would give my wife and I something to work on together. As if we needed more to do. We’re setting up a little business for all the crafts and artwork we do, I sometimes hang around discord taking...
  10. realice

    Hellow guys~

    hellow~ I'm new in these RPG Maker and learning the engines now I hope i can learn a lot from you~ Nice to meet you all :kaopride:
  11. RedLily1104


    Hey, everyone! I'm RedLily1104, but you can call me Red Lily. I've been a longtime fan of RPGs, visual novels, and overall games with strong stories and interesting characters. A few longtime favorites are Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy. I have some RPGs of my own in the conceptual...
  12. Bobt97

    Bobt97 Here

    Howdy everyone. Waaaaaay back in the day I used to regularly post on some rpg maker vx forums with the same username (around 2011ish). Back then I sucked at making games and everything I posted was awful but I loved doing it. It's been a few years now and I've got a bit of free time on my hands...
  13. Argon_Avers


    Just saying a simple greeting and nice to be here in a den of creators and players. I had planned on making my own game last year, but circumstances only allowed me to recently. I hope to keep up the good work to share my own game with the community, as I hope to experience other's work as...
  14. Fragarachu

    Image before title screen?

    Hello, i don't want people that played my game (RPG Maker VXACE), don't know who the creator is. (maybe they're lazy too read before downloading the game) Anyway i want a image to pop up before the title screen. The screen is black, then fades in to a image... screen blacks out again... and...
  15. Greygoose


    I've been on this forum for a small while, but I never formally introduced myself. Hi, I am Greygoose, a fella who enjoys using RPG Maker as a side hobby. I am also a novice spriter who specializes in making basic charsets using the RPG Maker XP base. I uploaded some of my work, as well as...
  16. VertigoAffliction

    Low-Level Lurker Here...

    Hello there. I've been a lurker on forums like these for... (longer than I can recall) I've decided to just simply set up an account here. However, I likely won't be on very often, so I don't know about this post moderation thing (I have nothing against it, but given my predicted low level of...
  17. FoxySeta

    Intro Scene *before* the Title Scene, not "instead of"

    As the thread title suggests, I'm trying to create an Intro Scene which plays before the Title Scene once you run the game (you know, that thing which is usually done for games opening, team logos and such). As you can see in the draft, I've already set my scene as "Intro Scene" in the database...
  18. QuesadasSwan

    Hi Everyone!

    Been a long time user of the RPG Maker series since the XP days. Though, technically, my first RPG Maker was RPG Maker 2 for the PS2, but my first RPG Maker on PC was the XP version. I started joining here to get ideas, and help for my future projects! I'm also here to play some great games too!
  19. Nantas

    Yanfly's plugins - Act.Sequences - Custom battle intro

    Hello everyone ! I am using nearly every Yanfly's plugins, and I have a question about a certain aspect. I am using Yanfly's BaseTroopEvents ( ) and his Action Sequences plugins in order to make a battle intro (at the beginning of each...
  20. Dream Syrup Games

    Hi! (Can't remember if I actually said hi here)

    Hello! I can't remember if I've posted anything here before, because I've been part of the forums for a while, but I'll go ahead and re-introduce myself since some things have changed from when I first joined! I'm Dreamy Star! I've been playing around the RPG Maker since VX first came out (I...

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