1. DaniellJC


    Hi everyone. I decided to make my first post in this section because I'm kinda lost. I know RPG Maker for a long time and decided to download RMMZ to learn what's new. I had a lot of ideas for games and then started making them through Events, but I always knew it would be much better if I...
  2. Crazya

    Hello! The name's Crazya.

    Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself; it seems this is the best place to come when it comes to RPGmaker. I have read so many posts and topics. There are so many helpful ones! Seems like a fantastic community. I’m a writer, creative person, and I thought RPGmaker MZ was a fun buy. But I’m...
  3. Necromortis

    Hello to everyone~

    Hello, dearest friends. I’m Mort(or necromortis) I guess it isn't the first thread with such "genius" question, but anyway. I really want to be a part of community. I want to make games using RMMV(or RMVX), but.. I simply don't know what to do first. (Except for the plot and character...
  4. Beelzebella

    Breaking my shell... Hello world!!!

    Hello! I go by Beelzebella on the interwebs but call me Beelz! I picked up RPG Maker MV a few years ago with a goal in mind. Making my ideal Dating Sim/Rpg/Dungeon Crawler! You know like Persona 3P but if it had a plot from those handheld sims games... and rock music. Anyway. Nice to meet you...
  5. LuckiiBean

    ❤ Heya! ❤

    Hey everyone, the name's Luckii! I'm a pixel artist/graphic designer wanting to learn the ropes of VX ACE. I've been debating on whether or not to actually join a forums page for RPG Maker. I don't use forum sites all that much, and when I did I wasn't always there for long. But recently I've...
  6. Powerise

    Hello Everyone, I'm New Here :)

    Hello to all my new friends and to all the Staff here! My name is Nai or just call Powerise :) , I working for Graphic Studio. Long time fan off RPG Maker (Since XP) so im looking to get back into the full RPG Maker mode :) I working in the Game development area for 2 years now - Currently...
  7. really

    Yo! This is where we do introductions....

    Hey guys and girls of these forums! I've just created an account so imma just call myself "really" for now. I'm new to these forums though I've been playing video games for a while now (for me at least, I'm 19). I'm going to try to be kind of active on these so you may be seeing me around...
  8. binkfrog

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi! I am some guy from Finland, you can call me binkfrog, bink or whatever you fancy. And I am very interested to use RPG Maker and found this site so I decided to make an account and join. Might ask for help here and such because I'm pretty much totally new to using RPG Makers of any kind...
  9. RedRose190

    Hello to everyone!

    Hello! my name is Anna and i am new here! i have the rpg maker vx ace and right now im making my first game Im very open to chat with all so message me, we can speak for our games if you too making one and maybe i can help with somethings? i don't know maybe you can help me haha lets have good...
  10. LukE1616

    Hello there.

    So. I REALLY like rpg maker, even though I only did the mv 20 days free trial (that ends tomorrow), very, very sadly. Very sad mainly because I had the first contact with rpg maker - the XP version - when I was 9! I really, really loved it, but since then, I never remembered the software name...
  11. Cattleya

    When I end up being spontaneous ...

    Uhm. Hi, dear game makers and forum members out there! :kaohi: I'm really, really bad at those introduction things and after scrolling through a lot - and I mean a lot - of postings other newbies made, I decided to just start with it and let my fingers do what they always do. Just write what my...
  12. PGerman

    Hello there.

    I'm PGerman, you can call me PG if you want. I'm just a random person from Germany, who likes Pokemon (and Nintendo in general) since I begun gaming. I'am often pretty lazy to be honest. I like and dislike alot of things some inclued: Likes: Pixelart Nintendo Pokemon Cute things Artistic...
  13. Alecsis

    *Awkwardly Enters*

    Hello RPG Maker Forum. I am yet another speck of dust in this universe who has seen a computer and gone 'oooh shiny!' for of course a computer is simply a rock we have taught to think. I am also someone who has been everywhere in the digital world, - as a digital artist - as a gamer - as a coder...
  14. Creepy Pie

    Knock Knock! Who's there?!

    Heyo RPGM community! First post here, thought I might as well introduce myself. My name is Yonatan, I am 20 years old and live in a little country called Israel. A friend of mine gifted me RPGMVXAce and since then I've been thinking about making a game with it. I played around with earlier...

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