1. Hello! New to RPGMaker

    Before I start, let me preface by saying thank you admin with helping me get my account set up! Hello, I’m new to using RPGMaker, currently using MV and having a great time learning everything. I’ve made use of my summer trying to learn the basics and get a decent handle on things. Sadly...
  2. desireroad

    Hi, DR here, New to the RPG maker Community,

    Hey, I have been kind of wandering around the forums for a while but have finally decided to introduce myself. So, Hi! I'm Dr, Nice to meet you! I am currently in the "need help phase" rather then the "giving out help phase". Hopefully as I learn more about JavaScript and Rpg maker eventing, I...
  3. Share Your Games!

    Hello everyone! I am very new to the RPG Maker community, so hopefully I placed this in the right thread! I'm a huge fan of horror, mystery, drama, comedy, visual novel, & puzzle style games, and wondered if anyone had any games in these styles they'd like to share! I've only really played...
  4. DreamstarStudios


    Hi there I'm an indie developer and I'm planning to make games but I'm starting out making asset packs soon to fund my games. Right now my first asset pack project is going to be a "90s Glam" pack inspired by the colorful art of the 90s . After that will be a number of asset packs based on...
  5. LydiaJoystickDeetz

    Hello, I'm New Here And New To RPGMaker As A Whole

    I would appreciate it so much if anyone has any tips or pointers or advice for me before I get too deep into my first game. So I came over here. I'm a college graduate with a degree in English and a degree in Art and I have autism. My hobbies include writing, reading, watching cartoons, drawing...
  6. NoeleVeerod

    (not so) New around here! *waves*

    Hey folks, I'm dropping this to say hi and not have my first post be a question that might possibly have been answered already (or ends up being asked in the wrong section... trust me, I'm a bit too familiar with that kind of situation). I'm not really new to RPG Maker programs - in fact, I...
  7. Quick Hello

    Hi! I've come here because I'm trying to convert RTP & FSM Tiles using the website's tutorial. My question on the matter is currently pending admin approval, so I figured I'd introduce myself in the meantime. Username is Legacygrid but typically my handle is Infinity. Just wanted to confirm...
  8. WilliamCrawford

    Nice to Meet You

    My name is William Crawford, and I'm a newcomer to game development in RPG Maker MZ, though I set my "Primarily Uses" version of RPG Maker to MV by mistake, whoops. I am a recent college graduate that earned a Bachelor's Degree in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing, and I'm...
  9. VFVelzades


    Hi! I'm new here and have absolutely zero idea on how to change my DP so please forgive me for that haha I recently got myself a copy of MZ and want to tinker with it even more. Hope to have a good time here with you guys!
  10. 200EverythingIsOkay

    Hello, gamedevs! It is I!

    Hoi! I'm 200: Everything is Okay. I don't know what I'm doing. I work in video game test for a AAA company and thought, foolishly, to myself, "Self! It is time to design games, not just test them!" Recently I have been playing around in Unity with its microgame content and it's great, but I...
  11. Julijewels

    Julijewels to the Rescue!

    You really shouldn't rely on me to save you but if you need me to I would probably still try. Hello! I tend to use the name Juliet on the internet because of a character I play in an MMORPG. I'm 27 years old and very interested in sharing my ideas, getting inspired by others and learning all...
  12. Dwesper

    The last remaining soldier.

    Hi, I just want to make this story that I have in mind. It's about a dark fantasy, I hope you like the idea. Maybe it will be developed to something more, who knows but here is the beginning. Title: The Remaining Soldier Introduction "In the war of Hior, the king sended his soldiers to die...
  13. VeeSheeb

    hello folks

    hi there, name's Vee, i'm a non-binary game dev from Brazil (pronouns be "they/it") i've messed around with RPG Maker for a time now, toying with 2003, XP, VX Ace and MV for a chunk of hours each, and i've google searched and "lurked" around to find ideas for things i wasn't quite figuring out...
  14. slimmmeiske2

    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Game & Map Screenshots 12 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker (including Visual Novel Maker) is welcome. No other game engines are allowed. In-game screenshots and maps...
  15. MoarSporks

    Hoi there, Spork here

    Good news, everybody! It's 2022. You made it. We can take a break now. ...No? We cannot? Well then. Hi everyone; I'm MoarSporks, but you can call me Spork. I'm a professional scrub tester of the video game variety. I enjoy making art, music, and writing most of all. (In fact, I am terrible at...
  16. PKayge

    Howdy, they call me PKayge

    Currently a banker by trade, but I've been delving more and more into game development lately and I really enjoy using the RPG Maker engine. Getting ready to put my first title up on steam and wanted to reach out about a couple things for clarification and see about reaching out to more folks...
  17. fazthestampede

    Hi! I'm the newbest one can be^^

    Hi! I'm fazthestampede, an adult comic creator who's been having an idea of making a sequel using RPG MV. I'm still very new. I just want to say hi to all my masters. Thanks for having me. oh, and btw, how do we upload our profile picture?^^
  18. LiamBrie

    Just wanna say hello and share my story <3

    Hello, I decided to come back to the RPG Maker community after a long hiatus, I am looking forward to making some connections and using some of my knowledge to help others! Some background maybe some of you can identify with: I think I always knew videogames were my favorite thing, I've yet...
  19. Ludi_Tarantula

    (Late) Introduction - A small talk with you all.

    Hello guys! You may have saw us somewhere here, but mainly on the topic of our upcoming game "The Rebirth Of Franklin Albrecht". We generally are pretty unactive... So we thought we might say something more about us in an introduction post, since we don't share much content and are a sporadic...
  20. plasticlove


    Hi all! I just realized I've been pestering everyone without introducing myself! I'm from DC, I go to Otakon, Katsucon, and have been a HUGE weeb and JRPG fan since I was a kid. I used to play my brother's PSX RPG Maker before he pawned it (>:( ) but I'm otherwise brand new. I'm primarily a...

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