1. Downforce

    Hope Project

    Hi, I am Downforce. The lead Developer and the Director of Hope Project PH and I would like to introduce the game we are doing under RMMV. Last Hope: War of Terenne. I am 20 years old, an incoming Bachelor of Science in Animation and Game Developing, college student. I wish to know you guys more...
  2. kalydos

    Late Intro Oops

    Howdy! I'm Kalydos, Kaly for short and I love RPG Maker games. Hello Charlotte has to be one of my favorite RPG maker game series or perhaps Alice Mare (I absolutely love Miwashiba!). I consider myself an artist and writer and I'm currently trying to flesh out a game idea to get my game dev...
  3. Koenig

    Hello, my name is Koenig

    Hello everyone, my name is Koenig. I am new to these forums and I am looking forward to getting acquainted with many of you here. Background: I am a recent graduate with a degree in electrical and computer engineering tech and have been job hunting ever since. Part of the reason I went...
  4. Eliyud

    Heyo, RPG Maker lover check!

    Hi, everyone! I'm a brazilian 27 years old RPG Maker user (since RM2K). I already made a game in RM2k3 in the past, but, saddly, I lose him. Now i'm working on a ambicious commercial project, with a large scope goal. I hope you all may receive-me good! Due to my old registration, I would like...
  5. Wyrelade

    I am back from the eternal slumber.

    Hello everybody! I am Wyrelade, also known as the "on and off from RPG maker stuff" guy. Recently I have got more and more back to RPG maker and this time I am here to make and give something back to this community! Expect new scripts and resources in the near future :P o/
  6. DeadlyEssence01

    Heyo, Esso here.

    Hey everyone, I'm very interested in starting my participation in the RPG Maker community. You can call me DeadlyEssence, or Ess for short! I'm working on a pretty large project, you'll likely see updates about it, in the appropriate threads, later on. I may be new to RPG maker, but I am not...
  7. AksaczytNel

    Konnichiwa(Good day)

    So yeah 2019 is nearing its end but I'm so hyped and pumped up to learning how to use RPG Maker MV. I'm a big fan of turn-based RPG's but I also like action. I have four big projects. A fan JRPG that unifies real famous and infamous deceased and living people of the world and vast array of...

    Greetings. BRADTXENCKSMIOZ is my name, and CREATION is my game.
  9. BlitzMalachite

    The mastermind joins into a RPG void full of very nice peeps

    Hello! I'm @BlitzMalachite! "Name got changed by requested". I've started my account this year and I want to be like @Bonkers, @Avery, and @Yanfly! I've started at: Aug, 1, 2019. My new RPG maker career is growing! Nice to meet ya'll "Even if I started my account on august, that still...
  10. Level 1 Quintillion Sourcesoulroar Joins In

    Greetings, gamers and game makers, my name is Zanckst, and I'm an aspiring game developer, songwriter and songcomposer, singer, guitarist, chef and martial artist. I'm content to be here, and glad to be making your acquaintance. I'm not exactly new to RPG Maker, but I'm still learning the ropes...
  11. k_mckenzie

    Hi, I'm Kourtnie!

    Hello there! :yhappy: I'm Kourtnie, a part-time community college teacher who's working in RMMV. In high school, I built a game in RPG Maker 2000, then sold it on black-backed CDs. My computer had AOL. I walked uphill both ways. Then in undergrad, I played around with VX, but I never finished...
  12. invexus

    I Am Returning From The Stone Age

    Hello everyone, So I've been in this group for years now, and I've never properly introduced myself or had any conversations with someone outside of a few questions in specific threads. I have always been very fond of creating my own artwork, music, and other resources and doing as much as I...
  13. Hi Everyone!

    Hi, my name is Zachary. I am 28 years old and I am a game designer/musician. I love video games, music, sports, history, etc. It is great to meet all of you! :)
  14. Hello from Brazil! :)

    Hi everybody! o/ My name is Denilson (sounds like "the new son"), I'm Brazilian and I've been using RPG Maker for many years now, specially XP, which is my favorite engine. So far, I made only one silly game, but I also worked as freelancer on a couple of commercial games. Now I'm starting a...
  15. ButtonMasher

    ButtonMasher wants to do more than mashing buttons!

    Hi everyone reading this, I'm ButtonMasher 23 years old, I've been pushing buttons to play video game since i was a kid. And a few months ago i decided to do more than just pushing buttons to play, but to create video games. And i decided to start with RPG Maker MV. I mainly love making a story...
  16. nathanlink169

    Professional developer getting back into RPG Maker

    Hello all! Boy that title sorta sounds a bit self-riotous. Couldn't really think of something else to call myself though. Hello World! I work in video game development for a living! It's both my profession and my hobby. I'm not certain if I'm allowed to say the most recent title that I worked...
  17. Sajai-D-Halo

    Greetings - RPG Maker Class of Summer 2019, anybody?

    Hey hey, people Nice to meet you all! Just trying to figure out as much as I can about making a great dungeon crawler. I've written a lot throughout my life and have always wanted to make a game but never had the know-how to do it. But thanks to RPG Maker and the internet, that is now possible...
  18. ShyGirlSarah

    Hello <3

    My name is Sarah and I am BRAND NEW to the RPG maker community. I really want to make my own game for fun but I also love playing RPGs so I want to see what's here. I am a female in her early twenties that loves RPGs/JRPGs. My favorite series is Kingdom Hearts, but I love Final Fantasy as well...
  19. Jubalii

    I'm Back! (Sort of?)

    Hi everyone! I was on the forums for a long time, but I kind of let it fall to the wayside thanks to IRL stuff (oof). I looked at my profile and it's been so long since I've done anything to it that it was two jobs ago when I last updated! That's long enough that I consider myself pretty much...
  20. Shadowfield

    A Cloaked Stranger enters the Tavern

    *It has been a long day for our brave band devs as they had finished clearing out another dungeon today, the dev party had just gotten back into town to rest up at their favorite tavern, the RPG Maker Forums. As the devs are sitting around their table talking amongst themselves a mysterious...

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