1. Faytless

    A week late!

    I should have done this a long time ago  -_- I'm fairly new to the forums (joined last week),  but not so new to RPG maker.  I've been around since the beginning using every flavor of RPG maker.  I started with 95 and have been battling RPG maker as an On again Off Again abusive girlfriend...
  2. SweetieAshe

    Old Dog, Maybe New Tricks? Hello~! ♥

    Guess I might as well make an intro topic! ... except of course I'd ALSO like to have my avatar actually show up? idk if it's Chrome or what but the darn uploader isn't working. ANYWAYS. Some of you may know me, some of you probably don't. I've gone by "trance2" in the past and I've been in the...
  3. Zabu

    Maybe i'll must say hi to everyone !

    Hello everyone! I've an account on this website since a long site, but i just come here now, after few months ! So, i will describe myself as possible because i'm not good as english ahah! For begin, i'm a young french (17 years old) living in front of Paris, and i'm a great fan of girl with...
  4. Parallax Panda


    Hey! I'm Parallax Panda, new to this forum but not to RPG maker, although it has been a while since I used it. Actually, I'm not really new to this forum either since I've been lurking here for over 1 year now, but with the release of the new shiny RpgMakerMV I thought it might be time for me...
  5. Hello Everyone!

    Good Day/Night/Evening or Bananas! I am Fujisama-San or Fujisama, you can call me either. I downloaded RPG Maker VX Ace about 3 months ago (July 1st) and I am still a newbie at most. I have learnt a lot though due to research and reading tutorials here on the tutorial section. Which is okay for...
  6. gmestanley

    Hello, people!

    Hello, people of the RPG Maker community! I'm very happy on joining this forum!  :D Everyone knows me in the Internet as AGS, and...also, I'm not good with introductions as I were two years ago.  :P Anyways, I was already a user of RPG Maker VX Ace and when MV has been released, I got very...
  7. OmegaFire

    Hello all

    Hi all, Thought I popped in here as well. I am new to these forums, but not entirely new to RPG maker. In the past I used RPG maker XP and more recently VX ACE. However, I often had little time to play with it. Now I do have more time on my hands and have bought the new RPG maker. Creating my...
  8. PanoramicPanda

    Hello starshine! The Panda says, "Hello!"

    Figured I'd pop in and give my greetings. I've dabbled in RPG Maker for years, since RPG Maker '95 in fact. I never made any full games, just a lot of projects. I used to be very active on a, now ancient, RPG Maker community known as Kamain's World. If anyone here remembers that place at all. I...
  9. Peapot

    Hi to everybody!

    Hello~!  :cutesmile: I Am Peapot, and I just want to introduce myself. There's really nothing interesting I can tell you about me... I like reading and writing, I love Anime and Manga, and of course I love RPG Maker too! I just hope to enjoy here in the forums and share my work with you guys...
  10. Korzara

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! I'm Korzara, a RPG Maker MV developer, graphical artist and a HTML/Bootstrap developer from the depths of NC. Hopefully I can become a well-known member here and can be as friendly as possible to those who cross my path here. From what I can tell this is a very welcoming community and I...
  11. zcindev


    I'd like to define myself as the classification of 'Newbie' here. I've had a game planned for a while but just couldn't find the right tool to make it on. As well as never making a game before, I've only now decided to post on the forums, since it always seems intimidating to introduce yourself...
  12. Hello Everyone!

    Hello, I just got interested in RPGMaker escpecially since I saw the trailer of RPGMaker MV. I hope learn from everyone here and have a nice day!
  13. RiceMaster


    hello my name is ricemaster! i have rpg maker xp.  i never finshed my first game due to memory lost on my computer, but im making a second game. i like playing MMOS and rpgs. I don't think that ill be too active on the forums (I never am) but I hope i can learn a lot of new things and meet new...
  14. Idril

    An official introduction...

    Well, I'm actually not new here, I've been around for a bit - but I just remembered that I never introduced myself! I'm an author, a self-taught artist, and an aspiring game dev. I like game development because it combines art and writing, and also because I like to play video games :) I'm a...
  15. skipsandwich

    New user, excited for MV and mac release.

    Hi everyone. I'm excited for MV.  I've pre-bought and am just counting down til release.  I'm a filthy Mac user, so I've only used RPG Maker on Psx and RPG Maker 3 on PS2 back in the day. I'm also a STEM educator, so I'm interested in using MV as a tech/coding/math teaching tool for middle...
  16. Cerevire

    uhm.. Hi~

    Hi all!  I've had RPG maker VX Ace for about a week now and madly in love with it!  I'm having a few issues here and there because I've yet to find a tutorial for what I'm trying to achieve, all I've found is a bunch of people saying its easy, uses a switch and then teaches me how to make a...
  17. Rikifive

    Rikifive's Introduction ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Hello everybody! My name is Rikifive and I'm from Poland. (=   Working With RPG Maker Beginning... The very first RPG Maker I worked with was 'RPG Maker' for Playstation 1. There I was kinda introduced to the basics (databasing and some eventing), but nothing more than that. At first I didn't...
  18. cecy


    I was originally going to make the title a joke on the Denko story. But I decided not to. My name is Cecil. I really like flowers and cute things in general tbh. I'm not a boy, but you can use he/him pronouns for me if you have difficulties with they/them pronouns. If anyone here is an expert at...
  19. Numieth

    Hiya! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    So, since everyone is doing that intro thing apparently, I'll just follow their shining example. Though I'm not really sure what to write. Uh... I've been doing RPG Maker stuff for years now, more or less seriously, but I'm still pretty much an amateur I guess, especially when it  comes to...
  20. jpodany

    Hi people!

    Hi there! I recently discovered RPG maker and within two days bought VXACE.I have been working pretty much non stop on my first project (which I hope to have in a Demo state within a week or so) and cannot wait to make many more!  :)

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