1. Aevitas

    New creator :D

    Hey people of the forums, I just wanted to introduce myself. I recently purchased RPGMV and will be working hard to get better at the software and make fun games! I hope I can make some games the community can be proud of and make some friends along the way. I am not very good at art and such...
  2. Aurabolt

    Hi All!

    My name is Aurabolt. I've been a part of other RPG Maker communities for some time, and recently was told about this on my stream about coming here and playing some of the games, get into streaming, etc etc. A pleasure to meet you all, and I hope to find some real fun games and a good time here.
  3. QuattroCard

    Here and Ready to go!

    Hello! I am QuattroCard, and after 8 years of experimenting with RPG Maker I think I'm ready to make a game with MV. I first made fangames on VX, but they usually never finished them because of the "Map Tree Error", then I moved onto 2003 and the same thing happened. It wasn't until a couple...
  4. Mystryl_Shada

    New Person looking to learn all she can

    Hello everyone, I'm Shada, aka MystrylShada around the web. Or you can call me the Crutch Ninja, because REASONS! WHEEE! I've been hearing about this forum for a few years from a friend of mine, and now that she and my sister have decided to band together to design a few games, I figured it...
  5. Durnoj

    Finally found myself able to do this

    Hello there! Name's Durnoj, nice to meet you. Well, the truth is i've watched this forum for quite some time, i think it started wa-ay back in the 2014 or even maybe 2013. That was about time when i've actually learned about RPG Maker (I think it was RPG Maker XP) and started using it for...
  6. Celianna

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Game & Map Screenshots 10 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker is welcome. No other game engines are allowed. In-game screenshots and maps only, please. If you're...
  7. Hello, everyone!

  8. HaruNoHikaru

    Hoi, everyone

    Yo, I'm HaruNoHikaru, Haru for simplicity. I used to be really big into rpg maker, lurked on the forums a lot, and I felt like bringing it back as a hobby of mine. I'm currently planning a cute little mainly puzzle based game, but I've got plenty of other stuff on my plate so it'll probably be...
  9. Good day.

    Hello there, I'm Rodrpisuno, real name Rodrigo. Live in Portugal but don't worry, I can speak/write perfect English. I already had RPG Maker MV, but only now I've decided to join the forums.
  10. Shikashi

    Nice to meet ya

    Hello everyone! I'm Shikashi, a freelance artist and aspiring game dev from England. I've lurked a bit previously, but decided to finally join the community to meet like-minded folk, and learn as much as I can. I'd love to contribute towards resources and maybe some small projects if there's the...
  11. Self Introduction

    Hello, I did not see an "introduction" forum so thought I would introduce myself here. My name is Jordan & I go by the alias AntumDeluge on the internet. I am not an RPG Maker user myself. I came to the forums in search of help identifying some sprite sheets of which I do not know the source. I...
  12. Greygoose


    I've been on this forum for a small while, but I never formally introduced myself. Hi, I am Greygoose, a fella who enjoys using RPG Maker as a side hobby. I am also a novice spriter who specializes in making basic charsets using the RPG Maker XP base. I uploaded some of my work, as well as...
  13. RoomierTiger


    Hello random person reading this post! I'm a person who wants to make an good RPG that doesn't suck, nice to meet you all! I will probably be posting my questions on here and other things that I may do. I'm a noob in a lot of ways so I can't do much with RPG Maker, but that's fine. Anyway... Hi!
  14. Cachi01

    Hello, I have come to make games and disappoint y'all

    Figured I should make an introductory thread cause most people do so anyway. Name's Cachi, 19 years old, I'm from mexico, aspiring vidya dev. For some reasons I had to skip a year of college so I told myself "hey, you lazy ass, why dont you start doing something productive in the meantime"...
  15. VenEttore

    Well met, everyone!

    Hello! My name is VenEttore and I only purchased RPG Maker MV this year. My strongest suit is writing, and I'm actually working with a team called Team SilverJack to create a mod for the game Doki Doki Literature Club. If you're interested in it at all, it's called Doki Doki Date Club and I have...
  16. Aphrael_Amarantha

    Hello, meow! =^_^=

    Hi there! I'm Aphrael but everyone just calls me Aphy. I finally decided to get off my lazy butt and start developing an RPG Maker game again (I mean again because I made one all the way back when I was a kid using the psx RPG Maker, the first one on consoles afaik and that was fun watching my...
  17. Devek

    I'm a newbie, yes. But that doesn't mean I haven't had experience.

    Hello there! Now, you might be wondering. Who the hell am I? Well, that's quite a simple question, with quite a simple answer. If you are just an acquaintance of mine, feel free to call me Devek, however, best friends can call me Kai if they wish. I've been using RPG Maker VX Ace for around...
  18. Infinitea

    Hey all! Infinitea here.

    Hi, I'm a complete noob with forums, but I am extremely eager to engage with the community. I've had past experience with RPG Maker but I wanted to delve in more into the program and I know that being a part of this forum will help massively. - Infinitea
  19. Indra

    Just got into game developing.

    Hey everyone, my name is Indra. I'm a 39 yo dude from Jakarta, Indonesia. (Anyone here from Indonesia?) So I just got into game making recently. Started learning to use GameSalad and published a couple of Android music apps. Now my resolution for this year, is I want to make my first RPG...
  20. 573Games

    Hi--I'm Josh.

    Hi everyone! I've been on here a little bit, but have never properly said hi. So, hi. :rock-right: I'm new to this developing thing, but I'm having a lot of fun. I'm a teacher and I enjoy running, playing video games, and reading. I eat a lot of cookies--most recently turtle...

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