1. EymardSilva

    InvalidStateError - RPGMV | CanvasRenderingContext2D

    Hi everyone! A couple of days, i've decided to back to RPGMV. I've bought a Character Pack to finally make my game (finally writed the history). I've adjusted the Database but, i've got that error. Well, anyone could me help with this? Thanks anyaway. Invalid
  2. Plugin-related errors after disabling the plugin

    Lately, I've downloaded a plugin that's supposed to fix the audio lag in RPG Maker MV. It worked! My game runs smoothly and there are no real issues with it, however the options menu is absolutely broken, even if the options don't involve audio at all. For example, "always dash". Before posting...
  3. Morpheus

    Random Error Message after dozens of hours in MV

    So out of nowhere, MV started acting strange. I've been using it all day so far without issue but now, seemingly random during any "scene" transfer (whether it be going into a menu or loading a new area via door/transfer/etc). Sometimes it crashes and sometimes it doesn't but it's always the...

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