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    RMMV HELP how to have two inventories in MV? ((kind of like a secondary storage))

    ((im not sure if i posted this to the right place. my bad if not)) So the game I'm working on is focused around a school during Halloween. The plot is that there is a serial killer that attends the school and you need to find clues to figure out who it is...yadda yadda Well basically, I...

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I honestly haven't ever been really active in this community, even though this year will mark my 4th year of having an account and 5th or 6th of using RPG maker. I didn't do anything with RM for most of 2020 and 2021 for personal reasons, but I'm excited to get back into game making!
Editing my old work, I thought the black border made the characters stand out.
Yes, I should have done it from the start. 010.PNG
Took a while, but finally released an update to my game. Now to see if anyone buys it :')
Doing RPG Maker News for this week (January 21st - 27th, 2022)
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