inventory count

  1. ZakkuSan

    Inventory Space

    I am trying to make an inventory system that sets the max stack for an item called crystal fragments. I have a small bag all the way up to a crystal bag of holding which can hold infinite amount. But when I test it out, it only uses the small bag inventory. I can't get yanfly's item synthesis or...
  2. BK-tdm

    Yanfly Item Core: Get amount of held items?

    One of the few problems i've ran with the item core plugin is that even if you cant buy stuff while your inventory is full you can still pickup items from chests/loot and bypass the item limit. Now if someone could please point me to a script call to get the current amount of items held (the...
  3. Need Limited Inventory Plugin

    I've seen inventory limit plugins based on weight and ones based on the maximum number of items, but what I want is one that limits how many items of different kinds you can have and how many can be in each stack. I've seen things like this done with grid systems but it doesn't work with the...
  4. Diamond Star

    Limited Inventory

    I think of using a feature that: a- Limits number of items in inventory. e.g. 50. b- Limits number of instances of consumable items. e.g. 20 for each. I think it adds more depth and force player to pay attention to what he hold or buy. On another hand, it;d by annoying for many players who like...
  5. Hytporsche

    Individual "Item" count

    Individual "Item" count Okay, I am trying to have any item in my inventory (Weapon, armor or item) to be counted as an individual. So, If i were to buy 2 medicines. There would not be a stack of 2. Examples are below. Normal inventory: - Medicine :2 What i want: - Medicine - Medicine I...

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