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  1. RMMZ HUDMaker Ultra Pro MZ Help with Inventory Button

    Hello Wise Ones!, Noob here. I've been trying to figure out HUDmaker Ultra Pro, but I am frustrated by the lack of a basic manual and tutorials. I've watched and read what I could find but I'm still baffled. All I want to do is make a persistent Button in the lower corner of the screen that...
  2. noxfungi

    Custom Item Menu Help

    Hello there, I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm fairly new to java scripting and rpg maker in general but I'm slowly getting a grasp of things and I wanted to make my own custom menus and such. I've made a mockup inventory menu for my school-based rpg, so first here's that: The...
  3. Need Limited Inventory Plugin

    I've seen inventory limit plugins based on weight and ones based on the maximum number of items, but what I want is one that limits how many items of different kinds you can have and how many can be in each stack. I've seen things like this done with grid systems but it doesn't work with the...
  4. Ebonfix

    New Main Menu Script Needed

    hi, so I have tried everything...almost...I went on google and used these key words "inventory,menu,script,rpgmakervxace" and no luck. I've tried on normal forums, no fact I think it got worse each time...I've tried looking at the "master script" for rpg maker vx ace. NO LUCK what I...

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