1. wanderingRapscallion

    Play different sound depending on which actor utilizes an item?

    Like the title says, I'd like it for every actor to have a different soundbyte for when using an item, this soundbyte should also change depending on what item it is. Example: Silas uses Cigarettes > Play voice clip of Silas saying "Hold on gotta smoke" Tristan uses Ipecac > Play sound clip of...
  2. DK

    Item Actions - Adds an action window for items in inventory.

    Title: Item Actions Version: 2.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Adds an action window for items in inventory. Features: Add an unlimited number of item actions and assign your own JavaScript code to each. You can control the visibility and accessibility of each action using your JavaScript...
  3. Custom Item UI RPG Maker VX Ace

    I am trying to make a game that would be cleaner if I could create a custom menu UI that only displays items. An example or reference of what I am trying to create is shown in the picture(it is the inventory UI from OneShot). I tried playing around with the scripts of the engine to get rid of...
  4. Remove character selection when an item is used

    Hi, I was looking for a method to skip the character selection window that opens when an item is used.
  5. NichnotFound

    RMMV Press to Use Item

    there is a way to like, press 1 and use a item?
  6. Geeguz

    RMMV Arisu visual inventory & SRD super tools engine incompatibility

    I posted about this bug I was experiencing a few days ago but think I finally found the source, SRDSuperToolsEngine. When I turn off this plugin suddenly the inventory is side by side boxes as it's supposed to be, but as long as it's on they only list vertically as shown below. I'm not sure if...
  7. Geeguz

    RMMV Arisu visual inventory bug?

    So I recently picked up this little plugin to try and get a more compact nicer looking inventory (really looking forward to movement in both directions so everything is closer) and it seems to work perfectly except one big problem. I can't seem to get any more than 1 column of items. Initially I...
  8. remainderstudios

    RMMV show variable value on inventory

    Hello everyone. I would like if someone can please make a small plugin that shows the value of a variable in the inventory (items tab). (MV) View this picture: I want to display the value of a particular variable because that variable stores the number of slots available in the inventory...
  9. RMMV A limited, individual inventory plugin with non stackable items

    I wish there was a plugin that basically makes the inventory system into the mold of old JRPGs such as Dragon Quest and Earthbound and others, for now, there are only some plugins that get close to the concept like LTN Games Actor Item Stash (which doesn't feature the non stackable items part)...
  10. Get the number of items, weapons and armor in inventory?

    So basically, i want a event that checks how many of a item, weapon or armor you have and then i want it to give me that information into a variable and if it's possible i also want to have one variable that counts everything but i'm guessing it's probably inefficient or very hard to do so
  11. Telemindred

    How do I clear inventory?

    I'm trying to set up the game so that instead of "game over" when they die, they return to the beginning again, losing their skills, level ups, but also all their inventory items, weapons and armors. I tried to set up a common event where it removes every item but the problem is there are so...
  12. RMMZ a plugin that lets actors have individual items, weapons, and armors

    I want a system that is similar to Earthbound where each party member has an individual inventory that has a cap, and you can distribute items between actors. Also, I want certain actors that do not have this feature (these actors are robots that die permanently and are dispensable) Is there any...
  13. RMMZ Is there a plugin for a notification popping up when you gain/lose an item?

    This is a pretty simple one, is there a plugin that shows when you gain or lose an item. I want a notification that will say maybe, +1 item, -2 item whenever that updates. I'm sure this exists but I've tried to find it and I cant
  14. RMMV Show image in inventory when item is selected/highlighted

    I'm looking for a plugin [or eventing method] to show a different image depending on what item in the inventory is selected/highlighted, having a different 'item image/preview' show up in the corner of the inventory for each item. Basically, an image with a corresponding variable/id to the item...
  15. Trihan

    Trilobytes MZ #1: Limited Stock Shop

    Limited Stock Shop v1.07 Trilobytes by Trihan Introduction This plugin allows you to set up shops which sell finite quantities of various game items, useful for if you want a unique item that will only be sold once, limits on purchases of powerful items, or an NPC that shows up in different...
  16. isaias20

    RMMV Visual Inventory Script issue - MV

    Hi. I'm using visual inventory script by Pheonix KageDesu on RPG Maker MV. the following happens: -> I start the game, then open the inventory with I key and I close it and this error appears. can anybody help me? I already contacted the creator by private message but he doesn't respond.
  17. R_Valkyrie

    Resident Evil VXA System 2.0

    Description: This here is my new Resident Evil styled menu system that has been reworked from scratch. Note that this does NOT come with a shooting system, only the means to equip weapons from the item menu and setting ammo variables to it. Items can now exist as separate stacks and weapon...
  18. remainderstudios

    storage boxes (move from inventory to box) - vx ace

    hello. I am using the storage boxes script by imp. everything works fine but there is something that I don't like, and it is the following: When you open a chest or closet , your inventory is shown on the left and the box on the right. to move between the box and the inventory (vice versa)...
  19. remainderstudios

    Equip option (inventory script)

    Hello. I am using Theo limited inventory script for my project. (vx ace) Theo limited inventory I want to know if it is possible to add an option to equip the item or weapon from the inventory. I am using falcao pearl abs script and it allows you to use a key to open a window and there you...
  20. isaias20

    change tabs with mouse (VX ACE)

    Hello everyone. We all know that when you open the inventory in RPG Maker there are 2 o more tabs. If you select a category with the mouse, you position on some item that you have it, but if from there you want to select the other tab with the mouse, nothing happens, you must leave the...

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