1. Koi

    Removing item from inventory based on variable?

    I'm creating a potion making system in my game confined to a single event tile. It's going to allow the player to select anything from key items to add into the cauldron, whether or not it's the correct one in the correct order to make a specific potion. I'm using Select Key Items for this with...
  2. rpghexe

    I am having the worst time with an event.

    Hey y'all. so I am having an awful time with an event. What I am wanting to do, is have candles in the game that the player can pick up, place where they would like it, and when its placed it will be lit and give off a light source. (It's a horror game, and is very dark in some areas, and I want...
  3. Canini

    Default Inventory System for VNmaker

    Default Inventory System for VNmaker A default inventory that can be called as a common event just like the message box A simple inventory that can store 4-8 items that the player can aquire Mockups: Why is this feature good? I think many people, both players and developers came to the...
  4. DraconisKnight

    Inventory Limitations

    Draconis Inventory Limitations v1.2 by DraconisKnight Introduction: I made this plugin for my own project after finding other limited inventory plugins, such as the one by Mr. Trivel. I couldn't get how I wanted my inventory to work since I was wanting to use a variable and items to control my...
  5. MisterGantz94

    Help - Examine item similar Resident Evil on my inventory

    I wish I could enter the examine button in my inventory in Resident Evil style, can you help me? Also place my script. (This video is for example) (I want to point out that the script in question is my property, so it is forbidden to use in other projects)
  6. Need Limited Inventory Plugin

    I've seen inventory limit plugins based on weight and ones based on the maximum number of items, but what I want is one that limits how many items of different kinds you can have and how many can be in each stack. I've seen things like this done with grid systems but it doesn't work with the...
  7. Tatsumaro

    Shop | Graphic and Grid

    Hi im searching for a plugin. I'm using SOUL Graphic Shop ( only to change the shop background) and Shop Menu Core as the layout of the shop. But i want more, im searching for a Grid Inventory. When you enter the shop menu the icons of every item the shop have should be on the right, something...
  8. Jack_Gram

    Script Help

    Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday :) So I realize to take away a party's inventory i could use variables to take it all away with giving it back eventually (standard prison escape affair here) I saw there was an easy script for VX, is there an easy one for MV? To take away and...
  9. Candacis

    Combining and seperating items, like in an adventure

    I started this once for VX Ace, but that was a long time ago. Still, the idea stuck with me and I would like to try something similiar for MV. What is it about? I'm looking for a plugin in which I can combine items together. Not so much as a crafting plugin, but more like in adventures? Using...
  10. Hyouryuu-Na

    Combining two or more items from inventory

    Hello, this is my first post and that's why I'm not sure if this is the right place for it... I need a plugin for combining two or more items from the item menu to make a new item. I know that there are many item combining/synthesis plugins around, but those don't actually fulfill my needs...
  11. Is there a way to access bags inside my inventory?

    I've made a pipe item that, upon being used, opens up a common event Choice menu of different herbs you've collected (no amount values though, just names). I've currently got two different categories of herbs that are defined as Hidden Items A and B, so I can't see them in the regular inventory...
  12. Koi

    Change order of items in inventory?

    So I've been adding items onto my game for 4 years now without really much direction so I just popped in new items whenever I thought of them. However, this makes things strange when you open up the inventory or items in battle and an item from world 1 is way at the bottom just because I ended...
  13. Help with a script/plugin for multi-party and/or multi-character inventories/gold

    What I'd like to do is set up something that: 1) Takes the current inventory of the party (a variable or table? I'm not super advanced with programming, so multiple objects of varying quantities is something I'm not sure how to deal with). 2) Resets inventory to none/empty and/or 'loads' a...
  14. Black Noise

    [Request] Actor-based inventories (w/Bulk+Weight management)

    I've pretty much made this sort of request before over a year ago but I'd like to reiterate it. Way back, RPG Maker VX Ace had this script which added individual inventories for each actor. Each party member could have...
  15. Koi

    Garbage Can Script

    I've talked about this before on here, and I've also tried looking up other scripts but I haven't really found anything that suits exactly what I'm looking for. I'm pretty sure any thread that I could have made before this would be locked now because I've been on Hiatus for quite some time. So...
  16. Coras

    Help with how to access player inventory from script?

    I'm writing a plugin that requires a test to see if a certain item of ID 002 in the database is in the player's inventory. How do I do that? Also, I'm a bit of a noob, so could someone explain to me how to use things like the $dataItems and $gamePlayer calls, because I can't seem to find a way...
  17. Automation in Inventory management- does your game have it

    I have only seen autopickup, categories, autosort but so much more is possible (hopefully as options that the player chooses or not with the ingame justification that the characters are professionals who do some things without even thinking) such as assuming weapons are not all with positives...
  18. tale

    "New" Item Indication (without image)

    "New" Item Indication (without image) Ver 0.01 2014/11/05 Creator name: Mikagami Atelier | English translation: tale 2017/03/27 Introduction Displays "New" on the item icon when it's obtained for 2 minutes. Features - Number of minutes how long "New" stays can be adjusted in the script. -...
  19. About Script Box & Variable

    Hi, I'm pretty basic in scripting, so here is a problem i encounter last night, so i decided to make two(or more) main character in my game and will tells their story respectively. and of course it need a separated inventory. the way i am doing it is by collecting all the item that gotten so...
  20. Koi

    "Garbage can" for specific items?

    So I was looking for discarding item scripts, the most I could find was something to discard items from the inventory. What I'm looking to do is create an event that's a garbage can, and when you click on it will give you the option to throw away a specific number of items, but only certain...

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