1. tale

    "New" Item Indication (without image)

    "New" Item Indication (without image) Ver 0.01 2014/11/05 Creator name: Mikagami Atelier | English translation: tale 2017/03/27 Introduction Displays "New" on the item icon when it's obtained for 2 minutes. Features - Number of minutes how long "New" stays can be adjusted in the script. -...
  2. About Script Box & Variable

    Hi, I'm pretty basic in scripting, so here is a problem i encounter last night, so i decided to make two(or more) main character in my game and will tells their story respectively. and of course it need a separated inventory. the way i am doing it is by collecting all the item that gotten so...
  3. Koi

    "Garbage can" for specific items?

    So I was looking for discarding item scripts, the most I could find was something to discard items from the inventory. What I'm looking to do is create an event that's a garbage can, and when you click on it will give you the option to throw away a specific number of items, but only certain...
  4. Save-/loadable Inventory

    Hey Guys,  after watching diverse tutorials on YouTube and hours after hours of try-and-error i searched the www for a script that allows me to simply save the current inventory (to actually delete it and load it later). I found one, still this requiered some changing in other scripts of...
  5. Melosx

    [MSX] Alphabetical Sort

    MSX_AlphabeticalSort v1.0 Melosx Features This plugin allow the user to sort items in inventory and skill learned. Screenshots How to Use Demo - Plugin Download MSX_AlphabeticalSort (Right-click -> Save link as) Changelog Credit and Thanks- MelosxAuthor's Notes-...
  6. DoubleRaineBow

    Remove, Recall, and Combine Inventory

    The main idea here is that there are two parties that the player is able to switch between. So when the player switches from Party A to Party B and the player goes into Party B's inventory, they don't see any items, weapons, armors, and key items that the player as Party A collected. Eventually...
  7. Limit the Inventory

    Hi everyone! I wonder, if there is a way, in the database, to set off, some voices in the inventory, for example "weapons" and "armor", so they don't appear in your game menu.
  8. MurphySlaw

    Mystery Game Menu

    Hey Guys, I've been searching high and low for quite a while now, and so far, I have not been able to find an answer/solution. I'm making a mystery/horror game. In order to keep the mood and style consistent, I want the menu to be as minimalistic as possible. That means I want a save/load...
  9. Melosx

    [MSX] Inventory Categories

    MSX_InventoryCategories v2.0 Introduction I asked for this previously but then I said "Meh, is better if I do this myself" and... ta-dah!! :) Features This plugin allow you to add new categories in your inventory. Also provide a notetag to set the correct category for items, weapons...
  10. takashi1kun

    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    UPDATE: Still too WIP to provide js plugin to test, sorry Sorry for my bad english, not used to write not programming things in it Features(on relase): -Grid Inventory -A very Useful scene whit inventory, equipment, actors state -You can drag consumable items to actors to use on that...
  11. Kino

    EIS - Grid Inventory [Updated: Script Files Available ]

    Introduction Currently, I'm working on a grid inventory system, which I believe has been highly requested throughout the community. Right now, it's almost done, I just need a couple more ideas to finish it up. This is an ongoing project, that I've been working on during the last month...
  12. Black Mamba

    MMORPG GUI/UI Grid Inventory

    I looking for a mmorpg Ui Elements to use with a UI i made: *Grid Inventory, like diablo and most action rpg  the  user @Galenmereth made it for him so we see its possible here. *Skill Tree Example:
  13. Izeck

    Limited Inventory+

     I've been searching for this for a while. Although I have found some limited inventory plugins, they all lack one feature that I really wish for. The ability to remove items (Armor, Weapons, etc.)  from the inventory.  It is nice to have a limited inventory size, but I don't like that if the...
  14. ICNstudios

    Throw away/discard Inventory item plugin?

    Is there any plugin that adds the option to throw away, or simply discard inventory items? In this game there are inventory space limits, and if you're in a place where you can't sell your goods, you won't be able to pick anything up. An example of how it would look is with my perfectly edited...
  15. HexMozart88

    Change Item Price In Game

    I would like to know if it would be possible to change the price of an item at any given moment, because I want my game to have a lock option, which means it cannot be sold, and I believe the only way to do that is to set the price to zero (unless anyone else has a better way), but the problem...
  16. Inventory Management

    I'm trying to figure out some good Inventory Management systems. I'm using Trivel's Limited Inventory plugin for limiting inventory space. My problem right now is that I can't figure out any good way to drop items if your inventory is full. 
  17. Placeable Objects(events) from inventory

    Hello, i created a tutorial showing how you can place objects on the player location using an item in your inventory.
  18. How do I create a cursed item that cannot be dropped or sold?

    I want to create an item that can only be removed upon the completion of a quest. It can't be sold or dropped. I can't use the key items because I'm already allocating that to a "quest log book" via this method. I'm actually trying to have a multiple cursed items like this and some are regular...
  19. [REQUEST/Suggestion] Grid based Inventory system

    Greetings one and all, I have spent most of today searching and searching, and while i have seen tons of Inventory plugins , i have not seen one for MV that makes your Inv work on a grid based system. think Diablo/World of Warcraft, or most any other action rpg/mmo game that i can think...
  20. Mr. Trivel

    Limited Inventory

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Limited Inventory Version: 1.0 Created: 2016-04-04   What does it do? Limits inventory space by item number or item weight.   Screenshot:   How to use? Change parameters in Plugin Manager as needed...

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