1. Jenovation

    Losing/Gaining Inventory (items&equipment)

    Hi, I am looking for a way to have the party's inventory be taken away and later regained exactly the same. Example: imagine a classic jail scenario where the player's stripped of their items and equipment, which can later be found in a storage place. Is there any way to remove all...
  2. Limited Inventory

    Hello! then, I'm developing an old RPG Maker VX Ace menu on the MV project, however, I need a plugin that limit the amount of items in the inventory. For example: many items in inventory is 30. So if I have 30 items or more, I would be slow (ie, the speed of the character decrease). I need a...
  3. Simple Yet Elegant Inventory, Battle, and Shop Menu

    I don't like clunky menus. I'm a fan of "clean" menus like Final Fantasy X, rather than "complex" menus like Xenoblade Chronciles. These menus I want aren't like either one, though, they're just what I want for my time travel game. If a script (or scripts) already exists for this kind of thing...
  4. Twisted_Warlok

    Plugin for Skill based on Item in Inventory

    I'm just curious if there are any plugins out there that can available and limit the use of a skill based on items in the inventory yet for RMMV? Ex: A certain class has a skill that requires at least a certain amount of item(s) in the inventory. If not, skill cannot be used. If there is and I...
  5. Side-Scrolling Adventure Game

    Hi Guys Well, i'm currently evaluating some engines for an Adventure Game i'm planning. There won't be any combat or stats, only dialogues, an inventory and portrait animation. The whole thing should be from a Sidescroller View. I've seen it being done in RPG Maker on YouTube and it looks...
  6. Tsukihime

    Multiple Inventories

    Ever needed to manage multiple inventories? For example, you have two actors in your game, but they are in two different locations. To make this more realistic, you would like each actor to have their own inventories, such as their own weapons, armors, items, and gold. This plugin provides...
  7. Saving your Inventory

    Hi, could someone make a Plugin that enables you to save Inventories?  This can be used in several occasions, in my game I'd need it to switch between characters during the story (2 parallel story-lines). I'd like to have a separate inventory for each one, since it doesn't make sense when...
  8. metronome

    True Limited Inventory Plugin

    Hi, I am not sure if this plugin have been requested or whether if this plugin have been available somewhere. I have checked using google and as far as it goes, I found nothing for this feature in RPGmaker MV yet. This plugin goes like this: Let's say the limit of inventory is 30. You take 30...
  9. Ebonfix

    I need a main menu/inventory script

    hello, so the previous times I have posted this I have been a bit rude... BUT now that my real computer is back, I can post my request like a normal person. I would like to request this inventory along with another one Inventory 1: now this I really don't have much to say besides, could you...
  10. Wavelength

    *Advanced Question* Inventory doesn't show up in menu or battle!

    This is a relatively difficult question and I've done a lot of custom scripting, so while I'd be incredibly grateful for a solution, even just a brainstorm of ideas or a point in the right direction would be appreciated. For a while, I have noticed that when I do a Battle Test, and choose...
  11. Check for multiple items in inventory

    I'm trying to make an event so that the player can exchange 10 of one item to an NPC and he gives you an item back.  The problem I'm having is that he will give you the item even if you don't have the 10. I have it set up so variable 001 is set to "Have the item (of 10) in inventory" Variable...
  12. Blue001

    Get Random Item function needed for Bravo2Kilo's Storage script

    Hello forum, I am currently using Bravo2Kilo's Storage script (with some modifications that display current/max items.) Here is what I have right now...  I have two inventories in game already, one is the players inventory, one is a normal storage. But I am making a third inventory using...
  13. Village Mook

    Removing item use for certain actors.

    I'm working on a short fangame based in the TF2 universe as a sort of mini-project to get used to the engine. One of the main abilities for a character is to build sentries, which act as temporary party members in battle. I'm able to remove features such as guarding or special abilities from...
  14. winqau009

    Extra Inventory Space

    Hi People Before I start my story, I have to say that this is post, on my first forum, so if it is in the wrong place, I apologize beforehand I've been working on a RPG, In which magic is very important. One of the things I want to create is some sort of alchemy. For example: You own a...
  15. ashes999

    Better visual/graphic inventory system

    I just tried out Luna Engine. The video shows precisely the kind of inventory system I'm looking for; big graphics, smaller descriptions. Unfortunately, it isn't included or easily reproducible through the LE. I also tried looking for other, similar scripts for just the inventory, but didn't...
  16. metronome

    Don't Pause the Game during Inventory/Menu/Status Access

    I am pretty new here so I am not sure if this kind of question has been answered already in this forum. I did some search, and came out nothing, so here is the question: "How do you make it so the game doesn't pause at all when you access your inventory/menu/status?" If you have ever played...
  17. Equiping Weapons / Armor from Inventory?

    Hello guys, I searched for a long time now for a skript that allows the player to equip  weapons and armor from his inventory. This is usually not possible for the player has to go to the equipment screen in order to equip stuff. In my game i don't want the palyer to have to go to the equpment...
  18. [VX Ace] Opening the inventory from an event or menu

    Hi folks~ I'm new!!! And I've run myself aground on something a little tricky :(   VX Ace: I'd like a greatly-simplified menu and inventory in my current project, which is story-intensive and has no battles. I have modified the item menu thus: (Pardon the random sword in the middle--playing...
  19. HopeFragment

    Separate inventory for each actor script?

    Hello, I'm looking for a script that gives each actor their own inventory, like how each party member has their own inventory in EarthBound.  I need this because there's going to be a part in my game where the party splits into 3 groups, and you play as each of the 3 groups through a dungeon...
  20. Harvest moon style limited inventory

    Awhile ago I stumbled on this thread started by Celianna :   which sums up what I am looking for perfectly. Unfortunately the script is unable to be found, and in RGSS2, Is there anything for RGSS3 that is similar to this or can be molded into...

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