1. [VX Ace] Opening the inventory from an event or menu

    Hi folks~ I'm new!!! And I've run myself aground on something a little tricky :(   VX Ace: I'd like a greatly-simplified menu and inventory in my current project, which is story-intensive and has no battles. I have modified the item menu thus: (Pardon the random sword in the middle--playing...
  2. HopeFragment

    Separate inventory for each actor script?

    Hello, I'm looking for a script that gives each actor their own inventory, like how each party member has their own inventory in EarthBound.  I need this because there's going to be a part in my game where the party splits into 3 groups, and you play as each of the 3 groups through a dungeon...
  3. Harvest moon style limited inventory

    Awhile ago I stumbled on this thread started by Celianna :   which sums up what I am looking for perfectly. Unfortunately the script is unable to be found, and in RGSS2, Is there anything for RGSS3 that is similar to this or can be molded into...
  4. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Super Limited Inventory

    Here is what I was thinking: Your character can bring only his equipments, along with a small "battle chest" which can be used to store some more items. So the battle chest will have limited item amounts (items of same kind stack up, but they still count towards the max)
  5. Koi

    Removing a certain amount of a specific item?

    (I'm sorry I keep on asking questions but I'm moving into unfamiliar territory in my game.) There's a part in the game where you go into someone's treasure chest and take items out of it, 5 of a weapon you already have, and 10 healing items you already have. It then becomes more of a moral...
  6. Caustic

    Event-based Inventory Dump

    Just want to check on this, because I know it's something of a common thing in RPGs (especially Eastern ones): Say the party gets captured. Obviously the captors aren't going to leave them armed and well-stocked, so in the story they take away everything the party has (or most everything). Now...
  7. Swaping inventory Items with items in the environment, while still being able to retreive them later

    If the title is a bit confusing, I essentially want the system that was used in the game Resident Evil: Outbreak (Bio-hazard in japan I believe) 1 & 2, where you could swap any item in your inventory for one in the environment and come back for it later. I want to do this using variables (Seems...
  8. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    HP based on the number of a certain item in inventory.

    So I've been playing a lot of Hero Chronicles (I love Clash of the Dragons, tis awesome) and I was wondering if there was a way, using events that an actors HP was dependant on how many of a certain item is in the inventory. EG. The Hero (Actor) has 4 different troops that battle for him (he...
  9. Tsukihime

    Party Trade Scene

    This script provides a scene that allows you to trade items between parties. Two parties are displayed in the scene, and you can easily swap items between them. Check out the Kitty Quest demo attached for an example of how it works. Get it at Hime Works!
  10. Tsukihime

    Item Stack Sizes

    This script allows you to set the “stack” size for an item. By default, you can only have 99 instances of an item per stack. You can now set the stack size higher or lower than 99. For example, maybe you can only carry 10 potions at a time. Get it at Hime Works!
  11. Koi

    Making a character unselectable in the inventory for items?

    There's a character in my game that I don't want to be able to have items used on. Is there a way to remove him from the options list for items? Or is there a way to make items automatically affect only one character, negating the option box completely?
  12. ZoroarX

    Limited Potions!

    ZoroarX here! Today, I need help because I don't want the players to carry 99 potions in their inventory. The max number of Potions will be 10 (because the recover a lot), the max number of Hi-Potions and Max Potions is going to be 5 (don't ask me why, just answer this topic). The question is...
  13. Koi

    Bypass actor choice when using a certain item.

    Basically what I mean by the actor choice is when you choose an item in your inventory and then it gives you the choice of which character to use it on. I have an item that simply shows a piece of paper on the screen, and therefore does not need a choice of actor. Now, I'm just guessing this...
  14. Koi

    Item that triggers event when used exits inventory.

    I have a few items that will trigger a common event when used, the event being to produce a different item. However, that makes these items exit you out of the inventory when used. These are healing items and it's tedious to have to constantly reopen the inventory to get back to them if they...
  15. Koi

    Large icons by item descriptions?

    I was wondering if there is a script out there to make it so items have a large icon next to their description in the inventory, like a face next to a text box.
  16. Koi

    Using an item to create another?

    Kind of like the shell of a cicada, I want to have an item that leaves another item behind once it's used. I do not know of a pre-programmed feature to do this, so If there's anyone that can make that happen that'd be fantastic.
  17. Hytporsche

    Individual "Item" count

    Individual "Item" count Okay, I am trying to have any item in my inventory (Weapon, armor or item) to be counted as an individual. So, If i were to buy 2 medicines. There would not be a stack of 2. Examples are below. Normal inventory: - Medicine :2 What i want: - Medicine - Medicine I...

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