1. Mallowbird

    RMMV Investigator Intern Demo Release!

    View and Download on After 9 months of development, it's finally here! Thank you for taking an interest in my first game! This is a demo, meaning that it is not the full game (the full game is currently still in development). Investigator Intern is an otome game with four love...
  2. Doechano

    FREE please delete

    please delete
  3. [IGMC] The Notebook - To The Underworld and Back Again

    The game is finally out. Download it at the main page here: Setting and Gameplay To the Underworld and Back Again is a fantasy mystery RPG game made with RPG Maker VX Ace. It involves role-playing as a paladin who solves mysteries in...
  4. captainproton

    investigation portion?

    I'm currently working on a game which sticks mostly to standard JRPG gameplay, in the vein of Dragon Quest, Bravely Default, etc. However, there will be a couple of "chapters" which behave more like a detective game, with collection of clues, asking people questions, etc. My question is: what...

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