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  1. RetroActive

    Which RPG Maker Let's Me Create Dragon Quest 1 Style AND Export To iOS/Android?

    So I am thinking of buying one of the RPG Makers and making a Dragon Questi 1-3 style RPG and would love to be able to also put this on iOS or Android. Is there a version of RPG Maker that does these two things?
  2. ios and Android release?

    Sorry if this flew over my head. I just clicked deployment and realized that the option for deployment for Android or ios is no longer there? Where are those options now? They wouldn't have removed them in this apparent "upgrade" right? Any help is greatly appreciated...
  3. Jellicoe

    Light-hearted harem RPG on IOS or android App Store. Is it allowed?

    In terms of gaming, I usually use my iPhone these days, and i suspect I am not the only one. I am making a light hearted, comedic, harem type of RPG, with one male character with almost all female team. Nothing explicit, just some vaguely suggestive stuff. (Ie “wait, there is only one room left...
  4. Native Platform Interop Support for Mobile?

    Hey all, I've done some looking and couldn't find any clear information on the development pathway for figuring this out. I'm looking for support for native interop and how that might be done with RPG Maker MV, specifically on mobile. These would include things like analytics, since having...

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