1. RPG MAKER for Ipad pro/air?

    Hello! I'm new to RPG maker! I love this program because it makes game development more accessible than EVER! It feels like it would be perfect for the iPad! Now, hear me out, I don't know how difficult it is to port this program to the iPad and I know about RPG creator, it's just that iPad has...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Is there a good map editor for iOS?

    I’m looking for a map editor that allows me to import my own tile sets and make maps in iOS that could later be exported (maybe as image files) and used in RPG maker. I can’t seem to find anything so maybe there really aren’t anything good on the market? Something similar to TileD would be...
  3. Kumachan77

    Kingdom of Aria

    I have just released my 2nd title using RPG Creator for iOS called "Kingdom of Aria".  I took a different approach this time by making a light hearted comedy that any immature boy would like. The story involves an annoying brat who hires you as a bodyguard to get him to an event at Castle Aria...
  4. Kumachan77

    Legacy of the Star Knight

    I have created a very short game using RPG Creator for iOS called "Legacy of the Star Knight".  It is the story of a young boy who must tragically become the last Star Knight in world of medieval sword and sorcery.  The game is inspired by very similar old school JRPGs from makers such as Enix...
  5. Leumas

    Mobile Gaming

    Hey, so lately I've grown more and more addicted to mobile gaming (probably because I just got my first ever phone, like, a month ago) and I was wondering if anyone else loves mobile gaming as much as me... Yeah there's Angry Birds and such that are good, but I like a lot of tower defense games...

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