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  1. Simon D. Aelsi

    Iron Croc's Domain (LiveStream Center) - UNDER CONTRUCTION

    Welcome to Iron Croc's Domain.   ((TBE))
  2. Simon D. Aelsi

    From the ashes of doubt burn a NEW FLAME of unbridled .. oh, I'm back, people!

    Formerly known as Iron Croc-- After a very long hiatus, I have returned. Life lesson, kids,  Don't let yourself get too stressed out! About ANYTHING! Anyhoo, life events and drama happened so I was out of commission. Bigtime. But now I'm back to stay.  Slowly but surely, I will get done what...
  3. EvilEagles

    Iron Croc

      Tomb Raider - Iron Croc   Status: In Transit Cleared: 0/100 Rank: Mark of Bravery    Please specify which theme you are doing when submitting entries. You may request for an update of your status bar any time. Feel free to put it in your signature for bragging rights. If I forget to...

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I need to force myself to take a break... I keep trying to push with artwork and it's causing my art to suffer as well as just my mental state. I'm once again burnt out on art. I wanna work on my project, but I can't without the art done since I can't use much for placeholders since everything is custom...
Any progress...
And so the making of workstations continues...
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If Mog working on ports, but going to the void it just stir a confusion on what's going on.

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