isometric view

  1. LyonBuster

    Looking for certain Pixel art style

    Hi everyone Today I want to ask a harsh question that can be applied to general resources. I am looking for a certain pixel art style for a top-down game (as it is obviously used in rpg maker apps). However, what i am looking for is a certain style that comes from an isometric view game, more...
  2. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMV Yanfly Battle Core: Adjust Home Position X to be left diagonal?

    I'm sorry for the confusing title, but I hope the thread will explain what I mean better. I've actually been making backview SV battlers to fit a more isometric-styled view. In the default actor lineup in battles, the row is right diagonal (↘). But the style of battlers I'm making are intended...
  3. Epitaph78

    RMMV Help with 2.5D / Isometric coverage (PVGames)

    Hello, i need some help with the coverage of objects in Isometric view using ressources like from PVGames. Is there a technique or plugin/tool to fix the following problem, or is this a limitation of the engine and cant be fixed ? Player ist covered by the bed when moving to the back right...
  4. Artificer

    The Astrolarix

    Synopsis: The Astrolarix is a solitary starship that navigates in the vacuum of space, you must survive at all costs, gather resources, face adversity avoiding the dangers and overcome the obstacles to progress in the story. It has survival elements: Water, food, oxygen and HP. Keeping...
  5. lerugray

    RMMV Of Blood & Iron - An Isometric Wizardry6 Style Dungeon Crawler

    Of Blood & Iron An isometric 3D style simple dungeon crawler made using FPLE for MV Please note, I copy pasted these notes from my design document, I believe the fulfill the requirements for Mechanics and Characters, it was just otherwise a pain to figure out how to chop it apart. This design...
  6. Axelloid

    Isometric view on GTBS

    HI, there's something giving me some headaches. That Isometric View, it is "on" all the time. How could I turn it "off"???

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