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  1. IlTerrificatore

    RMMV [SOLVED] I need a free "States Overlay" plugin

    Hi comrades! :beard Here is the problem: i'd like to add some visual effects to the states in a game i am currently working on (things like on fire, freezed, and so on), but i don't find anything i can use! My first option was Yanfly Visual State Effects (this one...
  2. Monsterwave18

    Pixels Appearing "Stretched" or "Compressed" on My Custom Sprites

    Greetings. Lately, I've been creating some sprites for RPG Maker MV, but noticed that whenever I put the sprites into the game they come out with some of the pixels on the sprites "stretched" or "compressed". At least that is how I would explain it. Here are some pictures of what I mean: Here...
  3. MRD256

    Character Generator Problems

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right forum, so please correct me if not But I'm having an issue with RPG Maker MV's character generator. Whenever I try to adjust the skin tone of females... it doesn't change from the default skin tone. It only does this on the TV and TVD sprites, Face...
  4. dotspak

    RMMV Bizzare Game Breaking Bug in Battle

    Hi, sorry for the vague title, my issue seemed a bit too long to fit in the title. I'm using the plugin DreamX_ITB, which is a battle system that makes it so you immediately act when you select a skill. It works off of Yanfly's Battle system as well. The issue I'm having (which I'm not sure why...
  5. RMMV won’t start

    My rpg maker mv hasn’t been able to start ever since I downloaded it recently. It opens and nothing appears. It’s just a grey screen and it won’t go past it. I’m so confused and I’ve tried everything I can. What do I do?

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