1. Wizorrd

    Game freezing when I try to Play Test

    I honestly don't know where this should get posted, I looked for some sort of RPGMMV specific support thread. I suddenly began having an issue lately that freezes my game when I go to load it or play test it. It seems impossible to troubleshoot, as it happens randomly, from what I can tell...
  2. Parallel process event persists between maps?

    Hey there. So uh... I've got this weird issue with a Parallel Process event going on. I'm working on an introduction for a game, featuring a character walking down a road while monologuing in their head. The parallel process event code is extremely simple: This parallel process event is...
  3. Hyouryuu-Na

    Compatability issues between two plugins

    I'm using Khas Ultra lighting and Java Hut Save Extension and they don't seem to work well together. My whole game is centered around Khas Ultra Lighting and I need it too much to go find another lighting plugin. JavaHut's plugin allows a screenshot to be shown in the save files. The problem...
  4. No text anywhere

    so i just got rpg maker 2003 and there is no text in game. the editor is just fine but the game has no text anywhere i made a small test game for me to experiment with but when i tested it i was greeted by this here are some other pictures i managed to take esc menu...
  5. Oscar92player

    [YEP][Issues] Animation delay / Target Core and Selection Control

    Before anyone asks about reporting this to Yanfly, I've reported this issues in May on his ******* page. Since we don't have new updates since April (and I don't know if we are going to have more in the near future), I'm going to post this issues here and look if anyone has an idea on how to fix...
  6. Dantalion_Crowley

    [RMMV] OrangeOverlays plugin disables certain events

    Having experimented with parallax maps, to my bewilderment I discovered that some of the events that were perfectly functional before no longer work. I supposed that some plugins I've installed recently may have something to do with this. And, indeed, the guilty party was found soon - the...
  7. Alessandro Alberti

    How to only change clothing in SRD-Character Creator?

    I have a big issue! I need to use the SRD-Dynamic Actor EX plugin, but I can't without letting the player change the pg graphics itself, with the SRD-Character Creator EX plugin. I so decided to let the player change only the clothing and other stuff without changing the actual physical...
  8. Phoenixsylph

    GAME won't load after font changed?!!!

    Just so everyone knows, this error is actually caused by the font and you have to change it back to the normal one. Idk what is up with this glitch but I guess I will have to use default font until I figure out why it does that? Below is the issue I was having, hoping this helps anyone that...
  9. Milennin

    Bad performance on town map

    I made a 100x75 map, but when I walk around on it, the framerate stutters. There are barely any events on it, and there are no parallel events running in the background. The game uses zero plugins. I'm playing on a pretty high-end PC that runs most modern games at 1080P/60FPS, so it's not that...
  10. Beginner Map Problems

    Hello! I am a new user of RPG Maker. I am having some issues with some maps. The first screen shot I provided is a beach I made, in game, as it is supposed to appear. However, when the player leaves the map then comes back, it appears as it does in the second screen shot. I'm assuming this...
  11. Beginner Map Problems

    Hello! I am a new user of RPG Maker. I am having some issues with some maps. The first screen shot I provided is a beach I made, in game, as it is supposed to appear. However, when the player leaves the map then comes back, it appears as it does in the second screen shot. I'm assuming this...
  12. Yo Ewan

    DLC issues

    So I installed the Rural Farm Tiles pack, but I accidentally deleted the sample game that came with it. I'm using it to get the basics of the pack; any way I can get it back? (I can't use recycle bin). Thanks, Yo Ewan.
  13. Davlamin69

    RPG Maker MV Play Test Issues

    Hello (new to the whole system, and site, hope right location) So I recently downloaded "RPG Maker MV" from Steam after hearing/reading about it online and wanted to try it for myself. (on a laptop with windows 10) My issue is; I got in, made a map and I made my first few events, I then...
  14. CainReval

    Issues when using Moghunters Main Menus

    Ive been working on using Moghunters main menu set up for my game, Ive change a few images to help make it a little more original, but every time I try to open the menu I get this... Ive updated my game to the newest version before I jumped into using this plugin, but I cant help but get...
  15. Gradient Hair Issues

    I altered the Gradient file to change hair colour of my characters and it looks great but when I change the hair it only changes for the face picture and not the battler or walking.  It all stays blonde.  Any ideas?  PLease help!  Thanks!
  16. Rikifive

    Lower Resolution?

    Hello everybody! In one project I'm using Double Pixel to simulate lower resolution, but that leaves unnecessary pixels, where the game has to do maths in, not mentioning, the extra size (weight) of maps and such. ~Ace's performance just loves that. I'm trying to lower Ace's resolution to...
  17. .apk Version code problems

    Hey everyone! I have a quick question (Not sure if this is the right part of the forum... oh well XD) so I successfully compiled my game into a .apk and uploaded it to google play, when I tried uploading a update it required a new version code, so I tried changing the "x walk_version" but it did...
  18. CrazyCookie54

    Stuck on Connecting to the Activation Server

    I am having an issue when trying to activate RPG Maker VX Ace. It says, "Connecting to the activation server" and it has been like that for the last 30 minutes. Is there a way to fix this issue?
  19. Victor Hate

    Damage sprite issue

    Alright I have been looking of this issue and I am having problems that I can not figure out. I am working on lots of cut scenes that involve a lot of characters, and during some of the scenes people are hurt or killed during the events of the story. Now my issue I face is that I have hero...
  20. CottonAlpaca

    Problems with the "Set move Route"

    First off, I'm going to say that I'm completely new to this forum. I don't know if this is the right place for this but I really need help. I am following a tutorial (VXAceGuide.pdf) and so far, I've done everything the tutorial shows, and now reached the Cut scene part. The problem is when I...

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