Insert string in-game to compare from a list of variables

    Hi everybody! This is my first post in this Forum, I wanna specify that I'm Italian so my English is just like ad elementary baby... I'm so sorry about that :( So, I'm going to present myself in another post later, now I'm in a big trouble (I'm sure you haven't understand what i asked from the...
  2. New Italian here!

    Hi everyone! I'm Pocked, and I choose this nickname, behind suggestion from my friend. And...there isn't much to say, usually I do the Youtuber, and make Italian tutorial of RPG Maker MV, and Gameplay...
  3. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Tilesets for Italian or Mediterranean Islands

    Well, I was browsing topics around the net about the italian region, and also has a bit of interest with the islands in the Mediterranean. So let's say I suddenly decided to make a game where the maps will be based on Italy or Mediterranean islands, do you have any suggestions of existing...

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A video game has a brand attached to it.
No offence meant, but it is disadvantageous to use the default RM graphics due to the fact that they can correlate your game strongly to other RM games and whatever associations a user has with those unrelated games.
Exhaustion sickness hitting me again near deadline whyyyy (sobs)
thats it, i 've had it, I will NOT promote my game as a "retro RPG" when its done, i have in the past but it is literally the first thing on every rpg maker game description to the point that you'd think the sales pitch came with the RTP. I refuse to use that angle.
My memory is embellishing the quality of NES era game assets :/ .... I need to stop comparing my work to somthing that was groundbreaking decades ago. Especially since its not as good as I seem to keep remembering it to be.
I finally found something that pleased me to organize my tasks. :)

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