Insert string in-game to compare from a list of variables

    Hi everybody! This is my first post in this Forum, I wanna specify that I'm Italian so my English is just like ad elementary baby... I'm so sorry about that :( So, I'm going to present myself in another post later, now I'm in a big trouble (I'm sure you haven't understand what i asked from the...
  2. New Italian here!

    Hi everyone! I'm Pocked, and I choose this nickname, behind suggestion from my friend. And...there isn't much to say, usually I do the Youtuber, and make Italian tutorial of RPG Maker MV, and Gameplay...
  3. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Tilesets for Italian or Mediterranean Islands

    Well, I was browsing topics around the net about the italian region, and also has a bit of interest with the islands in the Mediterranean. So let's say I suddenly decided to make a game where the maps will be based on Italy or Mediterranean islands, do you have any suggestions of existing...

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