1. TheOFCMedia

    RMVXA Clout Chaser - A Monster Tamer RPG

    CLOUT CHASER SECTION A: SYNOPSIS This story takes place in a mostly peaceful yet still dystopian world and follows the journey of a young boy who decides to work for a company named FAAFO Corp. The acronym FAAFO is not the same as the popular explicit slang phrase in America. Getting hired...
  2. Aerosys

    Advanced Plugin Distribution Tutorial (Automating Tasks, free & paid version, MV & MZ, etc.)

    Hello everyone, In this tutorial, I want to share some experiences I made when planning all the (for most people) invisible steps that a plugin developer usually has to do when distributing their plugins on, e.g., itch.io. We will discuss mainly: providing a small game project for your...
  3. Pehriska

    RMMZ Project Alldevaih (A Short Narrative Game)

    Hello, I recently released a free game on Itch and would be grateful for any comments or feedback. Link Below https://pehriska-games.itch.io/project-alldevaih About the Game You play as Mercury Shaw, having recently settled into a new life in a new city, you get a call from an old friend...
  4. Notchella

    Making money from RPG Maker games with their assets (loaded question)

    Firstly, this is a few questions in one so I apologise for such a loaded question. Okay, so firstly how do I exactly export an RPG maker game? I deployed my game so my mate could try it but he could not load the .exe file and I'm not sure why. Does he need to have all the folders/ files for it...
  5. gif

    [Super Retro World] General thread

    Hello :) I'm looking for a forum to discuss about my game asset collection : Super Retro World (link to the RMW store and link to free pack on itch.io). For those who are not yet familiar with it, I draw tiles like this (mainly for RPG Maker users, as I am one myself) : I have no idea if I...
  6. Sarena

    [RMMZ] Error: No available storage method found (itch.io on Windows 10)

    I'm receiving the error message "Error: No available storage method found" when trying to play a Web browser version of my exported MZ project. It doesn't seem to happen on every computer, because I've gotten past the error message on one of my computers, so I'm not sure what's causing the...
  7. l8rose

    VNMaker Verloren: Starcrossed

    In Space, no one can hear you cry... or something like that. You've been chosen as a replacement Mechanic for the Orion. A starship engaging in a diplomatic mission to the Akeh Space Station in the Canis Major System. All was going well, you entered cryo sleep in a backup cryo chamber and...
  8. gabrieldiastche

    RMMV Phil Alone [Ludum Dare 47]

    PHIL ALONE A game made to Ludum Dare 47 - Stuck in a loop *Players with poor psychological, we suggest not playing this game...* ABOUT THE GAME Meet Phil Phil is alone in home when he wakes up and wants go out with his friends! But first he needs to do all his tasks! Help him before the day...
  9. gabrieldiastche

    RMMV Luke Inn [DEMO] - September/2020

    LUKE INN Summary Luke Inn, is a game about a guy, Luke, that doesn’t have anything, no money, no friends and and no happiness. He received a letter that his family died a couple days ago and a friend of his father and mother asked him to go see their old house. This friend asks him to stay...
  10. Ghostwind

    [RMMV] Unobelisk (Windows/Itch.io/Demo available)

    Made with RPG Maker MV and released on the last day of May 2020, Unobelisk (Complete Version 1.2) is a solo turn based, exploration game focused on resource management and puzzle solving. "Uno, a newborn lifeform composed of dense steel, buzzy circuits and disjointed, static memories, wakes up...
  11. Tier in ******* & Itch Package

    I've checked ******* tier, and I find some wording a bit vague to my understanding 1$ gives you Access all regular patron releases- -- including the entire archive 5$ gives you New expansion packs as I release them! 10$ gives you Alpha/Beta access Access to all new releases as I release them...
  12. CrowStorm

    Scratching That Itch (dot io)

    So you guys know what an early adopter is, right? I am the opposite of that. Itch apparently came out in 2013? What? So theoretically I could have been using this platform to try and monetize my game making for FOUR YEARS if I'd started back in 2015, the last time I was active in RM before...
  13. Hamsterjelly24

    RMVXA [DEMO] Mamusphere of the Forgotten

  14. ColdAsSnow

    The Sea Between (Version 1.0.0)

    https://theseabetween.itch.io/the-sea-between Price:$4.99 SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS CREDITS DEMO WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA
  15. Tea++

    Alternative to ITCH.IO

    This website posts only free games and it makes it easy to make your MV games playable online, check out the features in the video below. : D INDIEXPO.NET
  16. thunderswagthe3rd

    Best way to promote your games?

    I seen games like pocket mirror, DELETE, ib, etc been getting lotta fame in this community and mostly by youtubers. so i been wondering how poeple from this community promote thier rpg maker games in thier way. I created this thread mosly cause a lot of games i have seen here ( and especially...
  17. Yumero

    RMMV The Devil's Womb - Italian RPG Horror Game

  18. Tea++

    RMMV Itch.io submission tutorial?

    I heard mention early on in this contest of someone making an Itch.io submission walkthrough/tutorial or experience description. With the deadline looming, I'm wondering if that's still a thing? Also, on a side note, I seem to be the one and only person who is making a thread here and feel...

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