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  1. Yanfly Item Categories: Game crash

    Hello everyone. I have a problem regarding the Yanfly Item Categories. As soon as I would look at the custom item catagory in the item scene, it crashes (see picture enclosed). I looked at the introductory video and recreated the item categories from there step by step, but to no avail. Both...
  2. TheOneEyedOne

    Item limit per catagory

    Hello, I am looking for a plugin that allows item limits on catagory items. For example, The limit of Heavy Armour is 10 However you can carry as many light armour as you want. The game I am designing uses far too many individual items to do this through common events and variables. Any help...
  3. Tetsune

    Bit of a pickle with menu scripts.

    I'd like to start of saying I don't know a dang thing about Ruby script LOL So, up until now, I haven't had an issue because I modified 3 menu scripts (The Luna Engine Menu Scripts, Galv's Menu Themes, and Galv's Menu Layout) to fit together and keep all the elements of each... Except one issue...
  4. Hytporsche

    [ACE] Item Inventory (Showing Full) for shop

    [ACE] Item Inventory (Showing Full) for shop I'm not sure how to go about this. I used Tuskhime "FP Inventory System" and was able to limit how many items are in my inventory at once and even looked at RPG Maker VX ACE default number of items and was able to make the correct change. But, when i...

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