item core

  1. rechronicle

    Item Core Independent item Bug?

    Hello! Is anyone have a fix for this? Or is it intended? Thanks!
  2. VesperCire

    Help needed excluding items from the inventory limit (Yanfly's Item Core)

    So in my game, there's collectable items (not key items) that are obtainable through the game. What I want to do here is exclude these collectable items from being counted towards the inventory limit in Yanfly's Item Core. I already have armors, weapons and key items, so it's not an option to...
  3. YEP Item Core--Window Position Problem

    I recently added the Item Core Plugin, and love the way it looks. When testing today, I found that my windows are messed up in my inventory. I've tried disabling other Item-related plugins but can't get my windows to look right. I could swear they were working yesterday. I'd appreciate any...
  4. Kemezryp

    Equip Armor from Scene_Item? (using YEP_ItemCore)

    Hewwo! Title says everything. I want to make it possible to equip armor from item menu. It's just annoying when player enters "Item" category and has grayed-out "use" option after selecting armor piece. I need it only for armors, not necessarily weapons. Screenshot shows my issue perfectly:
  5. Thordon123

    Yanfly Item Core Error

    Hi, I'm using Yanfly's Item Core Plugin and I've received the error message (attached below): Invalid battle command type: use_skill Have no clue at all where it could be coming from; I'm not sure how Item Core would effect battle commands. Has anyone else run into this? Decided to ask...
  6. problem with YanFly CoreItem

    Hi guys, I use YanFly Item Core and there seems to be an incompatibility with the following script call: $gameParty.numItems($dataItems[19]) >= $gameParty.size() Precise: The script works well when I use it without Item Core. But when I activate Item Core, the number of the item with ID 19 is...
  7. Tatsumaro

    Item Core only negative Random Variance

    Hi, im using Yanfly Item Core in my game. I love it and who'd like to implement the Random Variance. But if the player should find a weapon in an enemy drop i believe that weapon should be degraded with lower stats than a brand new bought in the store. The plugin allow it to happen, but the...
  8. Rink27

    Yanfly Item Core - Obtain Remaining Space

    This is the script I'm referring to: I simply would like to know if there is a script call to obtain the amount of remaining space for the item inventory. Example: I set the item limit to 5. I have a Potion, Feather and Rock. The remaining space...
  9. IAmVianca

    Help With Yanfly Item Core Plugin

    So, I am working on my menu backgrounds and such using altmenuscreen3 plugin and I've come across a problem with Yanfly's Item Core plugin. Basically, I already have in mind a background for the Item Scene that I made for the plugin. But when I tested it, I got this: The rectangles for...
  10. omega9380

    YEP_ItemCore - Disable Item Action window

    Got what I hope will be a quick question.  I love the YEP_ItemCore plugin.  Mostly what I love about it is the new Scene_Item layout.  Now, my current project will not be using the main part of ItemCore, which is the independent items.  I need to know if there is an easy way to disable one part...
  11. Tyrael79

    Yanfly Item Core - Random variance of individual stats

    Hey Guys, I'm using Yanfly's item core plugin, and it's really good. I especially love the random variance function, however I'm running into issues where I only want to apply the random variance to specific stats on the item, but still have other stats on it thats are not affected by the...

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