item creation

  1. Kupotepo

    Worldbuilding: Your Methods of Items Naming

    I am forgetting about adding natural resources. I would like to use the name generator, but your ideas are more logical and valuable than the randomness of machines lol. What resources do you think is important or cool to have in the Fantasy Scifi world? Food Fruits and berries Herd beasts...
  2. KazukiT

    Item Synthesis that make items based on mini game perforatmation

    I was wondering if there were any plugins that allowed you to create item with ingredients and creates an based on well you do in a mini game or QTE For example, you do poorly in the mini game or QTE and you get a "Foul Tonic" and if you do well you get an "Average Tonic".
  3. GBJackson

    Tutorial 3 - Breaking Through

    Prerequisites: Tutorial 2 In this third tutorial, I demonstrate how to create a pickaxe and hide a secret cave entrance. If you experience problems following this tutorial, or know of a better way to do what it demonstrates, Let me know.
  4. GBJackson

    Tutorial 2 - Digging Up Secrets

    In this second tutorial, I demonstrate how to create a shovel, and how to hide secrets that need to be dug up with it. If you experience problems with following this tutorial, or if you know of a better way to do what it demonstrates, let me know.
  5. Jeneeus Guruman

    Jeneeus's Alchemy System

    Jeneeus's Alchemy System Version: 1.0.1 By Jeneeus Guruman   Introduction      This script allows to create items, weapons, and armors via using skills or items with a success rate based on the user's parameters, $game_variables, etc. It's very useful not just for alchemist characters, but also...

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