item description

  1. Vis_Mage

    Item Details Script - Fix with Galv's Menu Themes Engine

    Hey, I'm hoping that someone could help me with a small compatibility fix between Galv's Menu Themes Engine, and Hoshigata's Item Details script. The two scripts actually do work with one-another, however, since the extended item description creates a window while still in the item menu, the...
  2. Jomy10

    Enhanced Weapon, Armor & Items Details

    Hey fellow RPG makers, I'm making a game, but I want to have a more detailed weapon, armor and items description. I don't want them to be on a separate tab in the menu, just in the "Item" tab. In the Item tab if you hover over the items, it will display it's description, for weapons and...
  3. 10kk

    Bigger item description box

    Looking for a plugin or method to have larger description boxes for items/skills (up from 2 lines). Edit: Found a partial solution, here: However, still need a method to edit the added lines. The...

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