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  1. Sakurra

    Sakura workshop, item icons and simple charsets

    I'd like to give back to the community. All the moderators and everyone who helps maintains this site does an amazing job. And I really appreciate this friendly community. I one time made a weapon icon for someone awhile back. So that's my sample for item icons. Request Template: I will draw...
  2. eBuddy

    Pixel Unity and IconSet.png Problem

    Hello developers! Has anyone faced an issue with pixel size? My problem stems from the usage of Pokémon FireRed version's tiles. And because pokemon tiles are 16x16 and MV is 48x48, I just tripled their size to make them fit, fun and simple. This in turn, makes the smallest particle of my game...
  3. sapiboong

    Disable ModernAlgebra's Item Icon List in battle?

    I am using ModernAlgebra's item icon list, but I don't want it to alter the battle item selection (I want the item name to appear too, not only the icon). Is there any way to disable this script for the battle item selection?  Here's MA's script: ( )...

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