item limits

  1. casper667

    [CSCA] Item Limits

    CSCA Item Limits By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 6/9/2012 Latest Version: 1.0 Introduction This script will allow you to restrict certain items and skills to be usable only on certain maps, such as an escape skill for dungeons or a tent item for the overworld. Features Restrict items and...
  2. TheOneEyedOne

    Item limit per catagory

    Hello, I am looking for a plugin that allows item limits on catagory items. For example, The limit of Heavy Armour is 10 However you can carry as many light armour as you want. The game I am designing uses far too many individual items to do this through common events and variables. Any help...
  3. Tsukihime

    Item Stack Sizes

    This script allows you to set the “stack” size for an item. By default, you can only have 99 instances of an item per stack. You can now set the stack size higher or lower than 99. For example, maybe you can only carry 10 potions at a time. Get it at Hime Works!

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