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  1. EblyssR

    YEP_Item Core Equipped Item + Luna Engine

    Hello there! Sorry ahead of time, I'm not very good or knowledgable when it comes to coding and technical stuff, but I'm eager to learn! I also hope I posted this in the correct category, took a bit of a gamble but I think this is more a JS (and my idiocy lmao) issue than Luna engine So, I was...
  2. _Soysauce_

    Need help with a plugin to show pictures on item menu

    Hi everybody, A close friend of mine is trying to work on a plugin to show images on screen when scrolling the key items in the key item menu. He's relatively new to programming, and rather new at JavaScript - so he has taken as a reference this thread from 2018...
  3. Edilsonsoares

    Item menu with side by side items as STARDEW VALLEY

    I don't like how the items are organized in the rpg maker mv menu, there is something to change that in the settings or with some plugin and it gets organized without appearing the item name in the menu and leaving it side by side like in the game Item menu with side by side items as STARDEW VALLEY?
  4. Ximsol182

    Is it possible to access to the item menu instead of the menu one?

    Is there a way to press X and access to the item menu directly? I don't want to use the custom menu and my project relies a lot on items.
  5. huda

    common event with Item

    hey everyone :aswt: I don't know if this is an error or something I did, the thing is I wanted the player to access all the notes they find while playing from their menu, I didn't know how to do that in an easy way so I followed someone's advice which is to create a common event with the same...
  6. Midnight Kitty

    Reference error

    The game crashes when I try to open the menu for items or the item book. This only happens from the main menu screen and not during battles or while shopping. I thought I had fixed it by removing a bind from actor message from the code but it brought up the option to click on the actor and then...
  7. Item user PHA

    Not sure if I'm missing something obvious here or not but when from the item menu NOT in battle, using an item uses whoever has the highest PHA stat or leader. I'm using Hime's Custom Use Conditions script which allows me to have requirements to use an item which in this case is a state but...
  8. Ameer

    Removing option from item menu

    Hey I don't want armors in my game so is there a way I can remove armor option in items menu
  9. RedRose190

    In the item menu when i select an item/key i need the actor menu selecting to hide.

    Hello everyone! i am new here this is the first time i making a post and i need help.. Also i am from Greece and English is not my first language so i'm sorry for my mistakes.. A long time now i am working at making my first own game, i want to mention that i kinda know how to work with rpg...
  10. Mawichan

    Limiting sections of crafting menu

    Hello, I'm using Coloeocanth's Crafting System and Modern Algebra's custom Item Menu script. Fortunately, these two scripts are compatible. The problem is that all new item categories I created with the item menu script are included when I open the crafting scene, whereas I only want to see the...
  11. Ivan_the_Terrible

    Small change to item menu display

    Greetings, fellow bipeds! I started a different project to try some other things, and one of the things I figured out was how to use a different font in the game. It looks great, but with one small problem. In the Item Menu, whenever it shows the number of items you have, it has a big empty...
  12. Mawichan

    Adding New Item Categories in Modern Algebra's Customizable Item Menu

    Hello, I'm new to creating threads, so I hope I'm not posting in the wrong section. Im having a problem with the Customizable Item Menu by Modern Algebra. Link to Script Explanation Page Link to Script on Pastebin I want to add two item categories to the Item Menu. I followed the instructions...
  13. slimmmeiske2

    Large icons

    Hi there! I really want to use 48x48 icons in my game, unfortunately I can't seem to figure out how. :aswt: I know there's a script for VXAce, but I don't seem to find one for XP. I only really need the big icons in my inventory/item menu. Also I am using a custom item menu script (Icon Items...
  14. ZirconStorms

    [VX ACE/RGSS3] - Item/Custom Scene - Bypass "Category" selection

    Script will be attached below. The original script (author: soulpour777): Note that this scene is seperate from the default item menu. I wish to bypass the player selecting the item type through the...
  15. Moonport

    [RMVXAce] Picture Item Menu

    Hi, I'm making a game which puts a lot of emphasis on in-game items. Basically it's a puzzle-solving game where the story progresses when the player finds new items to unlock content (kind of like in The Witch's House where the player finds items to help them escape the level). I was wondering...
  16. AbyssalDarkness

    How do I change "Some" items listing.

    How would I go about Displaying Certain Armor Types to show in the Weapon Item listing? In my game, I replaced the "Shield" slot for "Off Hand" , but some of them could be Offensive Types and others Defensive Types. I want to avoid Dual Wield, because I don't want the character to be able...
  17. Name

    Item Menu Script

    I am working on my own item menu plugin based off of the default item menu script. I have it the way I want, but the help info doesn't show in the box. Can anyone help me with this? Here is the script:   Here is a screenshot: (the box at the bottom right is the desc...
  18. Name

    Remove Item Quantity

    Is there any way to remove item amounts? I want to remove the amounts for the Key Items only though.   like "Potions :1" I want to remove the ":1" part
  19. Yanfly Item menu issue_luna

    Ok so im using the Yanfly-Item Menu (here) and I notice something. Technically the script works and but it won't display the different types of categories for each command (see img).I have the Luna engine installed,which is probably the issue. Im not sure where to look in order to correct this...
  20. Issue with YEA- Item Menu

    Ok so im using the Yea-Item Menu (here) and I notice something odd. Technically the script works and but it won't display the different types of categories for each command (see img).I have the Luna engine installed and that might be the issue, but not sure yet. Im not sure where to look in...

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