item requirement

  1. RMMV Item use requirements menu screen

    I am trying to create a food system for my MV RPG. I made food items to decrease the characters' hunger on the menu screen. However I haven't found any plugin that works in the menu screen that makes items usable on characters on script conditions (if hunger is greater than 0). There are some...
  2. [SOLVED] Need help creating a item requirement plugin

    I guys ! The plugin i'm wishing to build look like that (no code for now) : -if the notebox contains <Class : x> (x is the classe name) then the item is only useable for the class (usable in the item menu) -else the item is useable for all classes I'm pretty sure to know how to check what...
  3. DrinkableTrees

    Conditional Branch for Item Requirement.

    Hey RMMV community! I've been playing with a new conditional branch absolutely necessary for certain mechanics of my game and it doesn't seem to be processing well. The source of where I found this script was here: I've...
  4. LadyBaskerville

    LadyBaskerville's Miscellaneous Javascript Snippets

    Over the last months, I've accumulated a few code snippets I did for requests. While none of them deserves its own plugin thread, I wanted to share them somewhere in case someone else might find use in them. They are posted below as both .js files to download and place directly in your plugins...

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