item requirements

  1. Learning skills from items, but restricted to a single class or actor

    So in my game, I have a character named Luke who learns skills not by leveling up, but exclusively by using items called Tech weapons, which basically function like TMs in Pokémon: use them, Luke permanently gets the skill, and the item is consumed. Problem, though, is that he's the only one...
  2. OmnislashXX

    Yanfly Item Requirements (Again)

    It seems like this plugin needs a bit of reworking by Yanfly. Half the code fails to work. Alright, here's my problem with it this time. Now, I'd like to have my characters learn skills and abilities through items that they can find either through exploration or buying in a shop. These tomes...
  3. GameInk

    How to let a player choose between adding an enemy to the party or killing them

    Alright so for what I want to do it looks like scripting will get very mixed up for so I need some help. What I want to do for my game is have the player fight a boss at the end of each area and if they have a certain item with them they can give it to the boss and they will join the party OR...

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bio-Synthetica's Database plugin is complete. Players will be able to find and unlock various tutorials and lore as they reach certain points. There are 5 categories of files you can unlock: Audio Clips, Data Files, Bestiary, Earth History, and Tutorials.


Thank you Dsiver for this amazing plugin! :kaothx:
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