item shop

  1. Sriseru

    Specify Selling Price For Individual Shops

    Let's say that I want to create two item shops. In Shop A the price for buying a potion is 50G and you get 25G to sell it, while in Shop B the price for buying the same item is 80G and you get 40G to sell it. Specifying the different buying prices in these two shops is easy enough, but how would...
  2. xcom

    Use items as currency in shops!

    Hello everyone! I know I saw a script like this before and could have sworn I book marked it.  Darned if I can find it now.  I want to be able to use items in the player's inventory, instead of money, as payment for items in a shop.  The player in my game collects tokens that I want them to...
  3. Hytporsche

    [ACE] Item Inventory (Showing Full) for shop

    [ACE] Item Inventory (Showing Full) for shop I'm not sure how to go about this. I used Tuskhime "FP Inventory System" and was able to limit how many items are in my inventory at once and even looked at RPG Maker VX ACE default number of items and was able to make the correct change. But, when i...

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