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  1. DraconisKnight

    Inventory Limitations

    Draconis Inventory Limitations v1.2 by DraconisKnight Introduction: I made this plugin for my own project after finding other limited inventory plugins, such as the one by Mr. Trivel. I couldn't get how I wanted my inventory to work since I was wanting to use a variable and items to control my...

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Hope y'all are staying healthy, safe and informed. Maybe pick up a new hobby or skill while you're at it.
Wanted to post a video of location i've finished but it doesn't work...
The game jam has done a lot of good in actually kicking my butt into action. I've even gotten over my crippling hatred of mapping thanks to it! :LZSexcite:

(Okay, there's also schoolwork forcing me to get on the computer, but I like to give credit where credit is due.)
Decided to start working on my second biome/area...

I'm sure I'll end up hating and changing things a whole lot over the next week. :LZSexcite:
I feel bad sometimes around others, I hate, and I mean HATE being touched, and I know they don't know I hate it so much

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