1. Quest event broken - can't return an item to an NPC

    I'm new to RPG Maker. Followed a tutorial on YouTube on making a quest, tried to implement my own quest with a different flow with what I learnt. It isn't working as expected. Can someone please take a look? Why doesn't NPC event 2 trigger? Goal: I find a book. I retrieve the book to the NPC...
  2. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMV Script call for a conditional branch that checks for items in the inventory?

    I'll be referencing a plugin in this thread, but for all intents and purposes, this is chiefly a script call question. Though please do move this if it's otherwise in the wrong section. I have tried looking through the MV script call spreadsheet and cannot find anything on this. In short: What...
  3. coucassi

    RMMV YEP_Item_Menu_Categories & BO_Shop_Categories

    Heyho : ) The Plugins relevant für this question should be: YEP_ItemCore YEP_X_ItemMenuCategories YEP_ShopMenuCore BO_ShopCategories This is also the order I put them in the PlugIn Manager. The problem seems to be caused by BO_ShopCategories, which I used to transfer the ItemCategories to...
  4. totalwarANGEL

    RMMZ Random Treasures (Version 1.0)

    Hello there! :ehappy: After lurking around here, I've decided to post something. I am working on a game for quit some time and maybe never finish it *lol*. While developing I wrote some plugins for myself. This one here is the first I thought maybe someone else could need that. I searched the...
  5. Items with special requisits

    I'd like to know how to make items which requires special items in inventory plus gold. For example, I'd like to make a magic axe which costs 750 gold plus 2 pieces of magic iron, and while the part of gold is easy, I still don't know how to make the magic iron part.
  6. Skunk

    RMMV Can I show mp on an item in the menu?

    I am using mp as battery life in my game, I am wondering if I make a battery pack item that I can have it reflect the amount of mp the player currently has. And as I charge the pack, the mp goes up. Ive tried a few methods with no luck.
  7. UncannyBoots

    Change sp-parameter of actor using an item

    Sorry for making another thread but I have another big problem that VX Ace does not seem to be able to (easily) do by default. When I use an item, its effect calls a common event and some stats are changed. But I do not know how to make it so that the "Change Parameter" event command knows what...
  8. Emro84

    RMMV Collect Item object and repositioning it in another map location

    Hello everyone, I need help with a mechanic that is driving me crazy. I am trying to repositioning an Item collected from the player; from a map location to a new map. The process divided into several steps, is as follows. 1 - player interact with the object (a chair, a table for example)...
  9. invidious

    Script for number of 1 item

    I was looking into a conditional branch for if the player has more then 1 of an item. I was doing a loooooong if check (see below) to do this. But it got tiresome so I started researching and came across this post (Click here). (A long list of if conditions inside other if conditions) In the...
  10. RMMV Basic Weight Plugin

    Greetings. I'm trying to implement a weight system into my game, and I can't find a plugin that works and does what I need. -I need it to display the current weight in the inventory (Something like this: https://ibb.co/c2FRmjz) -The ability to assign weight values to items/armors/weapons via...
  11. Kristina

    RMMV Yanfly Item Synthesis Can't Craft

    I can't use the plugin at all. There's no option to craft or anything at all. Does anyone know the cause of this? I got Item Core, I've tried to disable it to see if that was the issue but it remains the same.
  12. SkottyTV

    STV Plugins - ItemRarity

    STV_ItemRarity v1.1 This plugin adds a simple Item Coloring to your Game. Changelog: v1.1 - Added Script Command v1.0 - Basic Functionality Terms of Usage: Credit -> SkottyTV Non-Commercial Games -> Free To Use Commercial Games -> Contact me via mail eMail: info@skotty-tv.de Script...
  13. DoubleX RMMZ Skill Item Triggers

    Purpose Lets you run some codes set by your notetags on some action execution cases Introduction * 1. This plugin lets you use notetags to set what happens when an * action's just executed, and different cases like miss, evade, counter * attack, magic reflection, critical hit...
  14. Kokonaugt

    How to fix a common event running without apparent reason

    Hello! I'm trying to create an item that gives a set number of XP to the actor that consumes it (later I'd like it to give a different number of XP depending on the actor, but I'm trying to get the first step working for now). Here is what I did : I created a new item named "IceCream", that...
  15. frokas

    Turning off an Item

    Hello there, I am new to the RPG Making community, I am trying to make an item that is a lantern and I am doing this through a common event at the moment (I dont know how else I can do this ) My problem is after turning it on once, after using the item again it doesnt remove the state, any ideas?
  16. shizuruteru

    How can I make an armor that has a chance of reviving the user once per battle

    The title says it all. Is there a way to do this or so I need a plug-in.
  17. KingKraken

    Trying to sort items types into separate battle commands?

    Hey everyone! I've been tinkering with a game where all it's skills are consumable items. At basic functionality it works perfect, but I'm trying to take it to the next level. A game about hoarding items is fine and dandy, but that can become really tedious to scroll through menus after some...
  18. remainderstudios

    lose item by script call? VX ACE

    Hi all. I was looking for a script for the player to lose an item randomly when an event occurs but I can't find the script call. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you
  19. TheDrifter

    Need help replacing YEP_ItemSynthesis status window with the regular one from YEP_ItemCore

    Hi, I'm using both of Yanfly's Item Core and Item Synthesis plugins. I just want to replace the status window here in red with the status window here in yellow. Any way I can do that? --- I'm not good with JS at all, but here's what I tried doing so far: In the Item Synthesis plugin, I...
  20. adder

    Add item with variable

    Hi, I would like to know if it would be possible to add an object based on one variable and the quantity based on another variable, I am trying to do it through the script call $ gameParty.gainItem ($ dataItems [itemId], n); But I don't know how to add in variable 1 in "itemId" and in variable...

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