1. TwilightKnight1

    Stat Reverse

    So in Persona Q there are these 'reverse' accessories that would swap a certain stat with another while said accessory is equipped. (Example: St-Ma reverse would switch Strength and Magic, so 40 strength and 20 magic becomes 20 strength and 40 magic) I bring this up because I want to do...
  2. Fire Immunity

    Sorry if in wrong section a I'm not 100% sure where to put it.  Hey guys, new to the forums and RMVXA, been messing around with it for a couple weeks and I've come across a problem I can't seem to work out. I'm building an optional dungeon where you summon a dragon and have to fight it. I...
  3. Warionator

    I need help with something that's not working right

    I have an event page that makes you choose your weapon, then you battle, then you have a choice to either keep the weapon or change it. When this happens I want to remove all the weapons he has equipped. But when I remove the weapon and "include equipment" it doesn't remove it. If you want to...
  4. Event won't give item

    I did a similar even in another map yesterday where I started a new event, made a sword rack the image, set some sound effects and had it give me a sword when I clicked on it. I tried to do the same with a bow. I made a bow image and set it some sound effects, text, and to give a bow when...
  5. Event won't give item

    I did a similar event in another map where I made a new event with the sword stand for the image and set it to give a sword when clicked on. I tried to do the same thing just now with a bow. I set it to give me a bow and display some text and sound effects. Nothing I can see visibly different...
  6. Shiro1994

    Class with Two-handed Weapon & Dual Wield

    Hello! I would like to create a class which can use bows (two-handed weapon) and also daggers/swords/axes (one-handed weapons). The problem is, if I use the dual wield tag the character can also carry two bows. I want to prevent this.   The other issue: Swords & Axes are also used by...
  7. Inventory Management

    I'm trying to figure out some good Inventory Management systems. I'm using Trivel's Limited Inventory plugin for limiting inventory space. My problem right now is that I can't figure out any good way to drop items if your inventory is full. 
  8. Rink27

    Yanfly Skill Cost - Show Remaining Items

    Yanfly's Skill Cost script enables items to be required to use skills: It works lovely, but I'm interested in displaying how much of the item is remaining when the player is selecting skills in battle. I could create numerous variables to...
  9. Rink27

    Gaining/Losing Item Script Call Help

    Hello. I am trying to force the player to enter battle with a limited number of items. 1) I use the Select Item command and then the script call:  $gameParty.loseItem($dataItems[$gameVariables.value(28)], 1); To save 1 selected item. 2) I then switch the party inventories using another...
  10. Kino

    EIS Random Items

    EIS Random Items A short script that lets you give items to the player randomly from a list (array) you declare. This can be good if you want to replicate something like gathering points from Monster Hunter. Or, put a little bit of RNG in the items you wish to give to your player...
  11. Element Rate Item

    How do I create make a consumable item that affects an actors element rate similar to an item that increases/decreases an actors ATK or DEF? I don't see any options in the buffs spot to mess with element rates.
  12. Placeable Objects(events) from inventory

    Hello, i created a tutorial showing how you can place objects on the player location using an item in your inventory.
  13. Enabling and unabling the Attack Command by item

    So in my game, I want my only actor to lose the Attack, Guard, and Skill commands, but later find an item that then enables the attack command. how would I do that?
  14. omega9380

    ItemBook and EnemyBook v1.4a by ScottyTV - FIX by MrCopra

    ItemBook and EnemyBook v1.4a by ScottyTV - FIX by MrCopra Hey all!  To everyone who was having issues with the ItemBook and EnemyBook updates that ScottyTV and Yoji Ojima created back in 2015, I've got the fixed versions here.  Thanks to the efforts of the Javascript godling mrcopra, these...
  15. omega9380

    Use equipped equipment as items

    I am looking for a plugin that will allow my players to use equipped weapons and armor as an item and have it cast a skill.  For example, in the original Final Fantasy, in battle you could select Item and push Up (i think, thats how it works in the PSP version) and select your equipped armor or...
  16. omega9380

    Item use restricted by map/variable/switch

    I'm trying to create an item that heals the party for 50% of their HP and MP, and opens the save screen.  The item needs to be restricted to only be allowed use on the overworld map.  So, two questions. 1.  How best to restrict the item use?  I have tried using a Common Event, having the item...
  17. omega9380

    Variable use item

    I'm trying to create an item in my game that will recover a set amount when used outside of battle but when used inside battle can have a variance.  For example, the item would heal a steady 100HP when used from the main menu, but in battle it could heal anywhere from 80 to 120 HP due to the...
  18. Yanfly Item Synthesis

    I am attempting to use the Item Synthesis plugin. I also have the Item core plugin as directed. I am unable to get it to work and I'm not sure where the issue lies. Would someone be able to tell me the step by step instructions from installing the plugins to making a working product? I know...
  19. vectorinox

    Passive effect from key item?

    Hello, Is there a way for an item to change the party parameters, or game variables just by having it in the inventory? Eg 1) The party found a cursed artifact, all party members get -1 luck until they can get rid of it.      2) The party found a powerstone, all party members get +1...
  20. Item Detailing Script [[REQ]]

    Effectively; What I want is a script that can change the size and formatting of the descriptions of Items, Weapons and Equipment. If you've played MMO games with "On Equip" effects such as World of Warcraft; you'll know what I mean in that when you look over an item, it'll tell you what the...

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