1. afternoon700

    Need help with an item-using event

    I'm currently making a puzzle game for a school project. I got stuck in this "use-specific-item-to-proceed" process... For example, let's say that the player has to use a key in front of a door. My objectives are 1) assigning the right key to the door, 2) and showing a message if the player did...
  2. tale

    Random Treasure

    Random Treasure - 2018/08/03 (Ver.1.0) Creator name: kido0617 Overview Get randomize items as an event. Installation Paste this script above Main. Set-up After installing this script, use "Random_Treasure::reset" script call in an event. Items are registered in the shop process after this...
  3. tale

    Torigoya_AutoItems (Automatic use of items or skills)

    Torigoya_AutoItems - 2019/05/12 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview Automatic use items or skills when damaged by enemy. (like 'Auto Potion' and 'Auto Phoenix') ( **This plugin cannot use Attack-skill** ) Features Actor / Class / Weapon / Armor / Enemy / State note tags for Note field...
  4. tale

    Simple Item Screen

    MPP_SimpleItemWindows - 2019/01/25 (ver. 1.2) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Simplifies item screen and the shop sell screen. Features - Page Up/ Page Down key (Q/W key) changes the category. - For touch control- works by touching the category window. Screen Note: Items command...
  5. tale

    MKR_ShopItemMessage (NPC Dialogue Shop addon)

    MKR_ShopItemMessage - 1.0.0 2018/12/03 Creator name: Mankind Edited for integration with NPCDialogueShop: mjshi Overview Shop Item Message/ Item commentary for NPC shopkeeper Installation: Place below NPCDialogueShop Features: When buying in the shop, the text in the note box is shown...
  6. _Soysauce_

    Sort Items by how they're found in-game

    Hello, I usually google extensively for the stuff I'm looking for, but I'm just really surprised that this topic seems to never have popped out anywhere. I'm kinda suprised it's not a default option in Rpg Maker MV at all. At this point, I just have to ask directly. How hard would it be to...
  7. Animebryan

    Can't make a item that gives user Exp

    I'm trying to make items that gives the user Exp, but it seems impossible by default. I tried using a common event using the Change EXP option but there's no way to apply the effect directly to the user & there's no option to target the user by default. The only way I see to get around this...
  8. Levolpehh


    Volpi_UseSounds Author: Volpi || Levolpehh Introduction Short and simple plugin that adds functionality to change the sound effect played when using an Item or Skill. Want to eat an Apple and hear a crunch SE, but drink a Potion and hear a glug? Gotcha covered. Currently only applies when...
  9. huda

    common event with Item

    hey everyone :aswt: I don't know if this is an error or something I did, the thing is I wanted the player to access all the notes they find while playing from their menu, I didn't know how to do that in an easy way so I followed someone's advice which is to create a common event with the same...
  10. huda

    Notes in the Item menu

    Hey everyone :elswt: so I wanted the player to access the notes after they read them from the item menu. I remember someone saying something about creating a common event with the text in the note , then link it with the item. The problem is, whenever the player reads the note again, it will...
  11. Xina

    Weird Loot Drop Glitch

    Hi everyone! I am having a very bizarre glitch where enemies drop 7 of everything. As an example, one enemy is set up with a drop rate of Meat: 1/1 but then will drop 7 meat after winning the battle. (Please note there is only 1 enemy in the troop, so it is not multiplying the loot by the...
  12. Rpg maker MV event, item, any amount.

    I want to make an event where it checks the inventory of how many items i have of one type, in this case empty vials, to then trade them for filled water vials, and making it so that it gives back the same amount of water vials, but making this work for however many items you have... anyone...
  13. Script call or plugin that simulates game pause and blur when you open the main menu

    I'm looking for a script call or plugin that does not open the main menu, but simulates the game pausing and blurring when you open the main menu. When I pause the game to open the main menu, I want the game to stay paused and blurred when I use an item from the item menu that runs a common...
  14. YEP Item Synthesis Problem

    I've encountered the following problem and thought it would be worth a share: The Item Synthesis Plugin works fine, but in the synthesis ingredient notetag, only items are registered. any armor and weapon ingredient is completely ignored. it also doesn't matter, whether you get them via name or...
  15. Item user PHA

    Not sure if I'm missing something obvious here or not but when from the item menu NOT in battle, using an item uses whoever has the highest PHA stat or leader. I'm using Hime's Custom Use Conditions script which allows me to have requirements to use an item which in this case is a state but...
  16. How can I add an item by the variable of itemId?

    I want to add or remove an item which id is defined by certain variable (variable #1 for example) I tried using those scripts: $gameParty.gainItem($dataItems[$gameVariables[1]], 1) $gameParty.gainItem($gameVariables[1], 1) But it didn't work. But when I use this...
  17. Combining Items for a Recipe During Battle Phase

    Hello, I am not very good at figuring out where the limitations of RPG Maker MV are currently, so I have an issue and I want to see how you guys would handle it. I don't know if I will need more plugins than just Yanfly's to bring this character to life. I want to make a character who supports...
  18. AdamSakuru

    YEP CoreEngine + YEP Victory Aftermath: Omit Item Drop if Item's Maxed Out If you choose to set a maximum amount of items/armours/etc. you can hold for each (with the note-tag "<Max Item: x>", etc.) you'll still 'receive' maxed out items/armours/etc. during the...
  19. Lonewulf123

    Message while discarding items

    Hello, I'm looking for a little code snippet or plugin extension that will allow me to add messages when I use Yanfly Item Discard. Basically, I want a message that shows after you choose to discard an item. For example, "You...
  20. Kemezryp

    Equip Armor from Scene_Item? (using YEP_ItemCore)

    Hewwo! Title says everything. I want to make it possible to equip armor from item menu. It's just annoying when player enters "Item" category and has grayed-out "use" option after selecting armor piece. I need it only for armors, not necessarily weapons. Screenshot shows my issue perfectly:

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